IT Services Experts in Atlanta Encourage Businesses to Back Up Their Mobile Devices

The advancements in technology have seen mobile devices gain prominence in the workplace. Today, it is commonplace to find employees sending and receiving work-related emails, downloading and uploading their work files, storing data and even closing sales and deals on mobile devices. With the proliferation of mobile phones in the workplace, security risks have also gone up. Still looking for a reason to have your mobile devices backed up? Here’s what IT services experts in Atlanta have to say on the subject:

Why Should You Back Up Your Mobile Devices?

There are many reasons why backing up your mobile devices is advisable. Here are a few of them as shared by a professional Atlanta IT support provider:

Malware Easily Attacks Mobile Devices

Hackers are well aware that businesses have allowed their employees to access thaie corporate network and retrieve corporate data via their mobile phones. This is the main reason why these cybercrooks spare no efforts in trying to find vulnerabilities that they can exploit and gain access to the corporate network. Bearing in mind that most mobile devices do not have strong malware prevention software installed, it would be an easy thing for a hacker to target your mobile devices with a malware which will gain him a backdoor access to your network.

Now, seeing that these threats are severe in nature, IT services experts in Atlanta recommend that you back up your mobile devices so that in the event that you lose your data on mobile, you can always retrieve and restore it from the backed-up copy.

Mobile Devices Are Prone to Many Disasters

Aside from malware attacks, your mobile devices can also be exposed to disasters such as:

  • Data leakage – This can happen when you accidentally transfer sensitive or critical files to a public cloud or pasting it in the wrong place.
  • Social engineering – For the longest time, hackers have used phishing attacks to lure unsuspecting victims into handing out their confidential information online. This trend has worsened on mobile devices, considering that most people read their emails on their mobile devices first.
  • Out-of-date software and devices – It is always expected that hardware and software vendors would release updates periodically fixing bugs and loopholes. When this does not happen, the user of the outdated device is at risk of being hacked.

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