Managed IT Services in Atlanta: Current IT Security Trends for Businesses

Data security and privacy have been a major challenge for many businesses, especially those that have not collaborated with managed IT services providers in Atlanta. Data privacy cases have been rampant all around the world. For future protection, businesses are now fully focused on the security and privacy of their data.

The following are some of the current IT trends that influencing businesses and organizations:

Strict Compliance Rules

Under compliance, managed security in Atlanta includes the protection of personally identifiable information. This has led to the creation of new laws to safeguard the PII information, and this includes regular auditing, IT risk assessment, and making sure there is profound visibility into user activity and data repositories.

Still, under compliance, there is expected to be stricter adherence of the already existing compliance standards. For instance, in the past, some businesses have not been notifying relevant authorities when data breaches occur. However, now these laws, starting with data breach notification, are going to be adhered to strictly.

Data Security

The concept of perimeter defense still dominates when it comes to matters data security. Most businesses certainly handle employee and customer personal data that has to be protected. Most businesses have now taken the step of understanding the kind of data stored, how it is handled and who has access to it. This is made possible in collaboration with managed IT services providers in Atlanta.

Cloud Migration

It is estimated that by 2020, most enterprise workloads will be operated in the cloud. Businesses will have to observe the general data security best practices such as restricted access, data recovery procedures, and infrastructure monitoring. The larger corporation may find the need to develop their own in-house software to automate and refines business operations in the cloud.

AI and Advanced Analytics

Organizations are continually looking better ways of automating IT security processes. This should include advanced analytics, machine learning (ML) technologies, and artificial intelligence (AI). Vendors will be devising comprehensive ways for automating security processes.

IoT Devices and Cyberthreats

Cybercriminals target IoT devices and businesses are now securing their IoT devices using strong passwords. With so much personal data being at risk, most businesses are now adopting and implementing data security measures to ensure their data does not fall into wrong hands.

Managed IT services providers in Atlanta are now working with various businesses in a bid to uphold and maintain data security and privacy. At MIS Solutions, Inc., we offer data and network security among many other managed IT services. Contact us today and our experts will be here any time of the day or night to help you safeguard your valuable business assets.

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