Why Your IT Support Provider in Atlanta Should Focus on Security

With various IT support firms in Atlanta to choose from, it’s important to remember that in the age of cybercrime, it’s best to work with security experts. If security is not your top priority, it’s possible to lose an entire business overnight. Here are reasons why your IT provider should also be a managed security service provider (MSSP):

Security as a Top Priority

Every IT support group in Atlanta should know by now that cybercrime keeps increasing every year, making security continuously more challenging. Small businesses that try to cut corners on security and backing up data due to tight budgets are the most vulnerable of being taken down by ransomware or other types of cyber attacks. Companies can no longer rely on just antivirus software for protection, as they need multiple layers of security.

Cybersecurity threats have hit every type of organization imaginable from small startups to large tech firms to federal government agencies. The problem with a small firm suffering a breach is the company may not have the funding to recover. According to the National Security Alliance, an estimated 60 percent of small to mid-sized companies go out of business within six months of a cyber attack.

Small businesses with insufficient funding can suffer massive losses from lawsuits, as well as replacement equipment and building a new infrastructure. Preventing cyber attacks in the first place, which is a major focus of MSSPs, is one of the keys to business survival this century.

Role of an MSSP

The most helpful IT consulting firms in Atlanta put in extra care about security to ensure the safest possible work environment. One of the foundations of MSSP work is continuous monitoring with the ability to block attackers. The 24/7 monitoring software can detect intruders who lack credentials. MSSPs use other security layers such as encryption, firewalls, and virtual private network (VPN) management.

An MSSP pays close attention to risk assessment and makes decision makers aware of network vulnerabilities. Hospitals and law firms use MSSPs to ensure HIPAA regulation compliance. The most experienced providers understand how to integrate security protection to reduce the chances of attackers penetrating multi-layered security. Businesses that want the most solid protection need around-the-clock monitoring.


When you work with MSSP for your IT support in Atlanta, your firm has the best chance of maintaining business continuity most of the time. The combination of strong IT support and cybersecurity helps keep a business well guarded against attacks. Contact us at MIS Solutions, Inc. to learn more about how we emphasize security as a top priority.

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