IT Support in Atlanta: The Merits of Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Business data is never safe. There will always be the potential for a natural disaster to strike or evildoers to steal your data. Risk is inherent to every business. As explained by IT support experts in Atlanta, businesses of all types, sizes, and niches need a sound cloud-based disaster recovery plan.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Using the cloud, you will be able to backup and restore all essential files. This way, if any such files are damaged or lost, you will be able to restore them and keep your business humming along. The cloud makes disaster recovery that much easier, even if the workload is particularly intense or excessive. Information is stored within a completely secure cloud space designed to provide immediate accessibility. Disaster recovery solutions can be catered to the nuances of each unique business as the service is on-demand. Furthermore, cloud disaster recovery is comparably easy to establish and manage across posterity. So, don’t bother wasting hour after hour attempting to back up your data from archaic tape drives or an in-house server when everything can be automated to perfection with the cloud.

Why So Many Businesses are Transitioning to Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Cloud options are considered superior to traditional disaster recovery, partially because they are comparably cost-efficient. The conventional backup requires establishing tangible servers at locations away from the headquarters. Alternatively, the cloud empowers businesses to outsource as much hardware and software resources as desired. Customers simply pay for their use level. This way, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can select a service plan that suits their unique needs. There is no need to spend on an IT team or for maintenance as required with the traditional approach. The provider deals with all the tech challenges so you can square your focus on what you do best. If you ever have any tech-oriented questions, you can reach out to IT support experts in Atlanta.

Cloud-based disaster recovery is also favored for its superior reliability. Atlanta managed services providers (MSPs) tap into data banks that guarantee data is available exactly when desired without delay. Furthermore, this approach makes it possible to restore backups that much faster than would be possible with conventional disaster recovery. So don’t bother wasting hours running a conventional workload migration and failover when the same processes can take mere minutes with the cloud. The cloud even makes it easy to migrate data over in phases.

The icing on the cake is the fact that cloud backup services provide considerable scalability. Cloud backups basically have no endpoint, while the traditional approach is inherently limited. Opt for the cloud, and you can add or subtract resources as your business shrinks or expands.

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