IT Services in Atlanta: The Importance of SAT

With the increasing severity of cyberattacks, it has become commonplace for businesses to outsource security needs to IT services providers in Atlanta for protection against data breaches.

Hacking attempts have evolved greatly, and it is impossible to overcome security vulnerabilities by deploying security defenses alone. 2020 saw a spike in COVID-19 phishing emails but those have dropped dramatically in 2021 as end users have become more savvy about scams related to the virus.

But as employers and employees are preparing for a return to the office, there is a spike in HR-related phishing attacks, according to KnowBe4, the security awareness training platform.

IT services providers recommend the adoption of security awareness training (SAT) to enhance the security of your technology infrastructure.

When your employees understand the risks of a security breach and know how to respond, your organizations will be less susceptible to cybercriminals.

Here are the key benefits of SAT for your organization:

Reduction of Human Errors

The best security solutions won’t protect you against phishing attacks if your employees are not aware of the various forms of malicious attacks like social engineering schemes. With the intensive adoption of BOYD policies and the need to allow employee mobility, the risk of network security breaches is high.

Thus, a minor human error such as clicking on a malicious link or downloading a fake security tool can lead to an IT disaster. However, with SAT, all stakeholders in your organization will be well prepared and less susceptible to making such errors.

Improved Security Policy

IT services providers in Atlanta regard SAT as the backbone of IT security. An effective cybersecurity strategy consists of both hardware and software solutions, but can’t be reliable without incorporating the human factor.

The need for SAT is to improve the implementation of security processes and standards in every IT-related activity from the executive level to the junior staff. As a result, your employees will have an awareness of the risks associated with cyberattacks.

Security awareness training is the most effective and preventative method for securing your systems. Leveraging the expertise of IT services providers in Atlanta makes the administration of security policies more efficient within your organization. At MIS Solutions, Inc., we excel at securing businesses for maximum uptime. Contact us now for more information.

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