Why Patch Management Should Be Part of Your Outsourced IT Services in Atlanta

Patch management is one of the most common types of IT services in Atlanta that’s offered by managed service providers (MSPs). After all, many companies need help with fortifying security, and patch management is an effective way to do that.

What is Patch Management?

In simple terms, patch management is the process of validating and implementing patches to existing software solutions to ensure the said solutions are always updated both in terms of functionality and security. When a patch is used to address an issue like a specific bug or a vulnerability, it’s often referred to as a fix.

Why is Patch Management Important?

Threats on security are becoming more and more sophisticated as evidenced by the infamous cyber attacks in recent years like Hearbleed and WannaCry. Heartbleed is a bug in the open source OpenSSL cryptography library, letting hackers access all sorts of sensitive information. On the other hand, WannaCry is a ransomware cryptoworm that took infected computers digital hostage by locking out users in until a ransom is paid via Bitcoin. Both Heartbleed and WannaCry affected hundreds of thousands of systems and users. However, it could have been prevented if the associated vulnerabilities were patched before they could have been exploited.

Why is it Better to Outsource Patch Management?

Keeping track of the latest threats and knowing which patch best addresses a threat are both full-time jobs that are not within the scope of your core business needs. You need tech team that is hands-on with patch management. Fortunately, a manage security provider in Atlanta offering IT services for Atlanta businesses can deliver exactly that.

To keep up with new threats, MSPs have several monitoring processes like subscribing to security newsletters that deliver news on the latest discovered vulnerabilities, contacting OEMs regarding the release of critical patches, communicating with the worldwide community of security experts, and implementing patches as soon as these are available.

There’s no practical and effective way to get your in-house IT team to work on patch management. Your IT team is best reserved for work related to your organization’s core business needs.

How Can You Find the Best MSP for Patch Management?

Any MSP can claim that they have excellent patch management programs, so it’s crucial to look at proof, such as customer testimonials, industry certifications, and track record. Also, feel free to ask your shortlisted MSPs about the details of their programs.

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