IT Services Company in Atlanta Provide Cloud Computing Solutions Which Conserve Resources and Expand Profitability

What Is Cloud Computing and Why Does It Matter?

IT services company in Atlanta are increasingly being tasked with providing cloud support solutions for clientele. There are a number of reasons for this. Chief among them is the cumulative advantages developing from the cloud.

To get an idea, think of a computer processing a terabyte of data. Maybe one computer can do that in 10 minutes. Two can do it in five. Five computers may process that terabyte in two minutes. Ten could do it in one minute. If you had over 300 computers divvying up the load, it could probably be processed so quick; it might seem instantaneous.

Well, cloud computing networks servers together into a single “array” wherein each server acts like a pixel on a computer screen. And there are some massive server arrays out there, too–some in excess of a million servers. Not only can these process data extremely quick, they can also increase computational ability as pertains to software utility, allowing businesses to develop at greater levels of quality than they would be able to otherwise.

When a small business can access a 1.3 million+ server array at a monthly fee, they can do a lot more than they would be able to even if they were able to network a hundred servers together internally. Of course, the needs of the business will differ. IT services company in Atlanta can help you find your perfect niche in terms of the cloud. Sometimes, you need it for more in-depth computational functionality. Sometimes, you only need more reliable storage. Things will always differ.

Mobile Implications

Sometimes, the best thing to do is totally adapt your business as a means of keeping up with the market in terms of competitiveness and relevancy. With cloud computing, you can outsource almost the entirety of your technology needs. You can even outsource end-user devices like desktops, laptops, and tablets through DaaS (Device as a Service). Consider this: you could “float” your entire internal server array and you could do away with the need for periodically purchased equipment. Also, using cloud computing to facilitate your network, work can be done remotely wherever your employees happen to be at a given time. This allows you to offset costs pertaining to work space. Altogether, such innovation could save your business tens of thousands annually–even if it is not that large.

Considering the Cloud Transition

IT services company in Atlanta can help you transition to the cloud gradually or swiftly, whatever suits your needs. Contact us now at MIS Solutions, Inc. to see how cloud computing can benefit your business.

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