Meeting Law Firm Requirements with Managed IT Services in Atlanta

The reason law firms look at outsourcing managed IT services in Atlanta is partly due to the rising focus on cybersecurity for all businesses. Law firms, however, are held to tighter restrictions because they deal with large volumes of confidential data.

Here are ways to make sure your law firm is practicing strong security:

Escalation of Cyberattacks

Cybercrime has been steadily rising throughout the past decade. As security gets more sophisticated, hackers learn new tricks to penetrate systems. Several widely known financial institutions have lost billions of dollars in recent years to cybercrime. But financial stability is not the only issue at risk, as reputation damage can also mean the shutdown of a company. The last thing lawyers want is to face their own clients in court over security breaches.

A 2016 study by EMC Global Data Protection Index found that the average amount of unplanned downtime is about 22 hours. But 88% of law firms often have longer downtime when they suffer a ransomware attack.

How IT Experts Can Help

Partnering with an experienced managed IT services team in Atlanta gives you access to a broad range of skilled tech talent. They will be able to resolve glitches and slowdowns quickly, which will maintain your business continuity. They will also develop disaster recovery plans so that you can restore your system in a matter of minutes instead of hours or days, in the event of an emergency.

IT experts understand that data and applications must be backed up on a regular basis to avoid a complete organizational meltdown. They must also test files and programs routinely to catch bugs early. The sooner you resolve technical issues, the more productive your law firm will be.

While some businesses cut corners by handling their own IT issues, they may lack the skill sets and certifications that ensure proper management and maintenance of hardware and software. You end up saving time and money by working with an IT team that has dealt with a wide variety of problems and is knowledgeable of HIPAA regulations regarding privacy. Experienced IT personnel understand nuances and minor details that can make a difference in system performance.

Your IT team should be able to give you a clear idea of how much downtime your company will experience in a disaster. They should be able to describe how well your data is protected to avoid data loss.


Working with a well-trained managed IT services group in Atlanta is the key to beating cyberattacks and other disruptions. Contact us at MIS Solutions, Inc. to learn more about how we can protect your data and maintain reliable business continuity.

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