How IT Services in Atlanta Can Reduce Costs and Increase Profitability

IT services in Atlanta have a lot to offer businesses large and small. Certainly, internal solutions can be effective, but managed service providers (MSPs) stand to provide businesses with a lot more value for their associated costs, compared to most internally-facilitated solutions. This will, of course, all depends on what kind of business is applying which kind of solutions.

The taco truck in downtown late at night may not necessarily need managed services. However, a fleet of taco trucks managed through a franchise and deployed during big sporting events could stand to save thousands with each service event through the right MSP. Also, the small business branching into mobile food services may benefit from a hybrid between managed services and in-house IT provision. With these things in mind, several distinct advantages MSP services tend to provide those who use them include:

  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Increased profitability
  • Greater competitiveness in the marketplace

Reduction of Operational Costs

This was touched on earlier, but it deserves a closer look. IT services in Atlanta are likely to save your operation money on several fronts. You can avoid spending your resources unnecessarily on solutions that won’t bring as much value as they should, you can cut out redundant or antiquated technology, and you can reduce personnel costs.

Consider in-house servers, as an example. If there is an array of five servers managed by four technicians over the course of the servers’ life cycle, that’s going to cost $200k+. If each server costs a minimum of $10k, that’s $50k for their initial acquisition. Within five years, they’ll need to be replaced, making the cost of such an operational facet $100k. Additionally, there’s transport, space, troubleshooting, and backup considerations. These costs are on top of personnel. If you can get four tech professionals who aren’t full-time for $20k a piece and only spend $20k on the previously mentioned costs, you’ll come in at $200k. Likely, you’ll spend much more than that. Meanwhile, an MSP can provide the same tech utility for a fraction of the cost at a predictable monthly rate.

Increased Profitability

Less operational cost frees resources up for things like research, development, marketing, optimization, and experimentation. These things lead to greater profit over time.

Greater Competitiveness in the Marketplace

When you can spend less while getting more, diversifying outreach and streamlining operations, you’re likely to be more profitable when compared to similarly situated businesses.

Better Business

IT services in Atlanta from MIS Solutions, Inc. can help you reduce operational costs, expand profitability, and become more competitive. Contact us now to see how managed services solutions can help your business.

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