Managed IT Services Company in Atlanta: How Much is At Stake with the Loss of a Mobile Device?

Most people do not actually understand the implications of losing a mobile device, especially a smartphone. These mobile devices hold a lot of personal and sensitive information, and managed IT services company in Atlanta believe that it could be a great risk losing that device altogether. Considering the kind of information stored on your smartphone, you will realize that there is so much at stake at a mere misplacement of that device.

Look at some of the information that could be stolen, and which could be very useful to a hacker:

Usernames and Passwords

If you usually access the web through your device, it is possible or likely that the usernames and passwords are saved on them. Someone can actually use these passwords to access the sites you visit, such as your Facebook page.

Cloud Storage

You can use a mobile device to access the cloud. This means that losing that device will compromise the data that is accessible through your account. The thief can access any information that has been shared on your device through the cloud.


Managed IT services company in Atlanta have found out that most people share so much sensitive information via email. Most these emails are not even encrypted. Losing that device means that a third party will access those emails, and where personal information is shared, there will be dire consequences.

Payment Information

Bank routing numbers and credit card numbers can be stored in the phone applications. Using your device puts this kind of information at risk and someone can actually get hold of your money.

Application Data

Mobile devices, such as smartphones, have many apps installed on them. These applications contain a lot of personal information, which hackers could be happy to land their hands on. If the credentials are stored on the device, it will even be much easier accessing these applications.

Social media Platforms

Most people who access their social media accounts via their device have the habit saving the username and password on the device. This automatically makes your account accessible to the person who has your device. A malicious person can log in to your Facebook or Twitter account and use it to blackmail people.


The contacts stored on your mobile phone could be valuable to a hacker who will use them for phishing scams.

It is important to secure your mobile device so that it does not become a liability in the event of a loss. MIS Solutions, Inc. is one of the best Managed IT services company in Atlanta that can help you secure your mobile device. Contact us now for the best mobile device security practices.

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