Prepare for Power Outages with Managed IT Services in Atlanta

The average business is unable to function with any sort of efficiency during a power outage. Anything from strong winds to car accidents knocking down electric poles can cause a power outage. There is no sense waiting for the power company to come to the rescue. Our managed IT services team in Atlanta is here to explain how to stay productive amidst a power outage.

Prepare for Power Outages

Your business must be ready for a lengthy power outage. Preparatory efforts should be geared toward data preservation within your office and data stored on off-site servers. Every single digital asset, including expensive software, has the potential to be erased when the power goes out. Prepare accordingly and your valuable data will be fully backed up. Though the thought of losing data to a power outage is awfully depressing, this is an issue every business owner must consider. Our managed IT services team in Atlanta is here to help preserve your data with hardware security measures. The little bit of money you spend on preparation pales in comparison to what you can potentially lose during a power failure.

The Importance of Backing up Data

Data should be backed up at specific intervals. Though most business owners and managers understand it is important to back up data, many fail to perform such backups. Even the servers that will distribute data amidst or after an emergency must be backed up. Back up your data off-site or to the cloud just in case your on-site machines are compromised by a flood, earthquake, tornado, fire, or theft.

Even a power surge has the potential to ruin computer motherboards. Surge protectors certainly help yet they do not ensure the computer will be fully protected. If your computers or physical servers are damaged, the best approach is to replace them as soon as possible. However, if your data is fully backed up, there is no need to worry about potential costs for replacing hard drives. Our backup and disaster recovery experts in Atlanta are here to help back up your data to minimize downtime and costs.

Onsite Power Protection

The primary defense against power outages is on-site power protection. Such protection mandates planning well ahead of time. Every organization should implement uninterruptible power supplies along with an on-site backup power source. Though a power generator is fairly expensive, it will prove quite helpful to maintain operations when the power goes out. This extra source of power will guarantee your business does not lose data when the power goes out.

Beyond Backup Power Sources

Aside from backup power sources, power distribution units and load-capping software must also be implemented. Battery backups might suffice for short-term power outages, improving the functionality of communications and VoIP internet phone services. Prepare ahead by analyzing the necessary battery specifications and replacement requirements. It will also help to add battery-powered lights throughout your business, so employees and clients can see when the power goes out.

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