IT Support Providers in Atlanta Can Help You Realize the Importance of DaaS

IT support firms in Atlanta are making it possible for businesses to save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. DaaS is becoming key in this savings.

There are two types of DaaS common to the market today. These cloud-based services often work together:

  • Device as a Service – It refers to a virtualized, cloud-sourced desktop. This desktop may be likened to a desktop on your personal computer, but it is accessible simultaneously across the network to whoever has the right access protocols, and a reliable web connection with which to access the network.
  • Desktop as a Service – It refers to a sort of “rental” solution for end-user portals and portable devices. Laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and even some IoT solutions are included under many DaaS models. If you’ve got a staff of around a hundred, instead of buying computers for each, you rent a hundred at a low monthly fee. These devices are top-notch and continuously updated. If one malfunctions, it can be switched for another. Since they access your cloud-floated network through the web and all your data is there, none is lost when a device malfunctions.


IT support firms in Atlanta facilitating the double-DaaS will save even small companies substantially.

Imagine if a hundred end-user devices averaged $1k apiece— that’s $100k. If upkeep per device were only $300 over the course of its operational lifetime (including time, repair, and the cost of servicing devices), that’s another $30k. If you had an on-site server network, maintaining, installing, updating, backing up, and operating that server array consistently would likely cost several hundred thousand dollars over a five-year span, depending on the size and scope of the network. The cheapest you could do it would be using a small $3k server maintained by an employee who had multiple duties. If half that employee’s $50k salary could be said to characterize his work on the server, that would still be $28k, minimum, for the first year, and $100k before storage, energy, or repair over five years.

Meanwhile, DaaS and DaaS do away with all those costs while providing you access to a more powerful, more professionally maintained and more competitive server array via the cloud.

Upgrading Your Operations

IT support in Atlanta through MIS Solutions, Inc. can help you apply DaaS solutions of either variety that will help your business flourish while reducing operational expense. Contact us to see what cloud options are best for you.

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