How Managed IT Services Experts in Atlanta Can Help You Take Control of IT Security

It is time to leave the days of defensive IT security in the past. The game has changed from defensive-dominant to offensive-oriented. If you stay ahead of the cyber miscreants, your business will stand a better chance of thwarting those ever-evolving threats. Eliminate the prospect of digital threats from the picture, and your business will continue to operate like a well-oiled machine. Below, managed IT services experts in Atlanta have detailed some important tips that will help your business be on the offensive in IT security:

Create a Digital Security Fence

Your organization needs an electric security fence. Managed security experts in Atlanta can help you construct an impenetrable barrier. Part of this fence is monitoring. Digital threats must be identified as soon as possible. So, do not assume simply changing out those old firewalls and routers with more secure varieties will suffice for your digital fence. It helps to work with managed IT services experts in Atlanta to monitor your network system.

Network activity on all devices can be monitored with endpoint detection and response (EDR). This information is logged for additional analysis and reporting. Additional security measures such as cloud access security brokers and analytics will be commonplace in the future. These are the vital components of the digital fence that prevents cyber attacks from becoming major problems.

Watch Out for Automated Attacks

More and more cyber attacks are being triggered by everyday people who do not identify abnormal behavior as a security problem. The common misconception is hackers are responsible for the majority of digital attacks. In reality, all it takes for a virus to breach the network is for an employee to click a program that installs a virus. Automated attacks like botnets will seek out unsecured devices, bypass the reporting system, and possibly stay under the radar for an extended period of time. These automated attacks are designed to spread fast and far. The problem will only worsen as more devices are hooked up to the web through the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Role of Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics will help identify digital threats before they attempt to wreak havoc. This is an artificial intelligence-enhanced analysis of digital data to pinpoint suspicious activity. It is certainly promising technology, yet it is not a catch-all in the context of security. The best line of defense is educated, skilled and informed people who take an offensive approach to thwarting digital threats.

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