4 Ways an IT Services Provider in Atlanta Can Help You Create a Cybersecurity Plan

Cybercrime continues to rise and wreak havoc on organizations of all sizes, but partnering with an IT services provider in Atlanta can help you avoid suffering from this devastating attack. One of the most effective ways to avoid becoming the victim of these attacks is through continually educating employees and identifying any recent trends in the cybersecurity world. Fortunately, an IT provider can help ease the burden and inform each employee of various safe practices and can provide continual updates on the latest news in IT security. Here are four ways that a managed service provider (MSP) can keep organizations safe and secure from these ongoing threats:

1. Use Complex Passwords

While this may seem obvious, it is critical to use complex passwords for each account and avoid using the same password twice. Typically, it is a good idea for each password to consist of 12 characters with a combination of symbols, numbers, uppercase, and lowercase letters. Of course, never use common phrases; these passwords can easily be hacked through a brute force attack. It is also a good idea to change these passwords every few months to ensure maximum security.

2. Security Assessment

An IT services provider in Atlanta can help keep your business protected by performing regular security assessments. These assessments are designed to identify any security vulnerabilities and any potential areas that may be susceptible to a hacker. An MSP can create an action plan to strengthen any weak areas and can also ensure that each employee remains in compliance and is not exposing the company to unnecessary security risks.

3. Frequent Updates

Does your company have access to the latest updates or are you always using outdated software? Obviously, the IT world is ever-changing, but an MSP can ensure that your company receives security updates on a regular basis. These updates can patch any security vulnerabilities and can also help increase productivity by improving software performance.

4. Disaster Recovery Plan

Just because you employ an MSP doesn’t mean that your business will be immune from experiencing a disaster. However, an MSP can help you create a disaster recovery plan that can limit damage and allow your company to recover as soon as possible. This plan should be revisited on a regular basis and continually updated to ensure that all of your data can be retrieved through the use of cloud services.

Creating a cybersecurity plan is essential in today’s workplace. An IT services provider in Atlanta can help you develop a plan that meets all of the needs of your organization. MIS Solutions, Inc. is an MSP that can help you avoid these cyber threats by providing around-the-clock monitoring services. If anything is detected, we will investigate immediately and ensure that it cannot spread to others areas in the network. Our IT staff is trained on the latest cyber security trends and will help your organization avoid suffering from data breaches or costly downtime. Contact us now for more information about how to fortify your business’s cybersecurity. We would love to help you create a cybersecurity plan that will keep your business protected in the ever-changing IT world.

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