How an IT Services Provider in Atlanta Can Keep Your Company Secure

If you want your business to receive the utmost protection available, partnering with an IT services provider in Atlanta makes sense. You have to do so as data breaches are occurring at a rapid pace. It is important that your company should have a managed service provider (MSP) that specializes in keeping digital information secure at all times. Here are just several ways that an IT provider can keep your company safe from the wide variety of cyber threats:

Perimeter Security

One of the primary ways that an IT provider can prevent your company from becoming a victim of a cyber attack is through the utilization of perimeter security technology. Perimeter security measures consist of many different defenses, which includes intrusion detection systems and a firewall. This technology is designed to prevent any external threats from gaining access to your network or other confidential areas.

Endpoint Protection

Another advantage of partnering with an IT services provider in Atlanta is that they can give access to endpoint protection. Endpoint security focuses on protecting your company’s servers and each employee’s workstation. This added layer of protection is possible by enforcing established standards before an employee obtains access to the network. Such safeguards include anti-virus protection and limited administrative access to sensitive areas within a network or computer system.

Network Monitoring

Having an IT provider would not be complete without around-the-clock network monitoring services. These monitoring services ensure that your network receives the utmost protection and prevents a cyber attack from spreading to other areas. An IT provider will always monitor your computer system to ensure that everything is working under optimal conditions.

Proactive Maintenance

An added benefit of using an IT provider is that it enables your company to receive proactive maintenance. Proactive maintenance consists of frequent updates that will keep your computer system operating at a high-performance level. Instead of waiting for a disaster to occur, an IT provider will continually look for new ways to improve the security of your company and increase efficiency through regular updates.

Choosing to have an IT services provider in Atlanta offers immense benefits for businesses. MIS Solutions is an IT provider that can help you keep your company protected at all times through the use of perimeter security, endpoint protection, network monitoring, and proactive maintenance. Our IT specialists are available at any time for guidance and will be happy to answer any of your questions. We have been in business for many years and we are passionate about providing the best IT support available. If you want to learn more about IT security, contact us now!

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