Managed IT Services in Atlanta: The Best Way to Remain in Touch with Offsite Employees

Anyone who works in a supervisory or management role knows it is difficult to stay in touch with employees who work remotely. Nowadays, staying in touch with such employees requires much more than a smartphone. Even if you are uber-busy, you do not have to be out of touch with your team. Managed IT services experts in Atlanta state that what matters most is you can access information whenever necessary, regardless of whether you are located at the office or if you are stationed in a hotel, coffee shop, or other location.

Smartphones Alone Will Not Suffice

Though just about everyone has a smartphone in their pocket these days, research indicates high-quality interactions with workers located offsite have proven infrequent and fairly difficult. In a nutshell, remote workers do not feel connected to their employer. These employees feel as though they are out of sight and consequently out of mind. A smartphone is not enough to bridge employees to one another. If you are looking for a way to empower your remote employees, our managed IT services group in Atlanta can help you find the optimal tools uniquely suited for your team’s nuanced needs.

What Does Being Connected Really Mean?

Being connected means being able to get in touch with important people in order to collaborate with efficiency. Unfortunately, a recent survey of remote workers in the United States shows such a connection is easier to talk about rather than actually do. Nearly 85 percent of the survey respondents state working remotely reduces the quality of collaboration.

About 40 percent of respondents state that they do not have the information necessary to finish their work. More than 50 percent report not being in the office ultimately reduces productivity. Remote workers will soon represent just about 40 percent of the world’s workforce. If these employees are not given what they need, employers will have to invest even more effort and money to ensure such needs are met. The question is how to pull off such a feat.

Collaboration and Communication in an Increasingly Mobile World

Video meetings are the best substitute for face-to-face meetings. With all of today’s video conferencing tools, you would think such high-tech meetings would be commonplace. However, a recent survey conducted by KRC Research shows more than three-quarters of employees report video conferencing and collaboration in real-time prove difficult. The solution is unified communication tools to keep remote workers completely connected.

A video conferencing console does not mandate any sort of specialized knowledge. Such tools have features, ranging from address books to cameras, and beyond that can be used in the office or while out and about. An IT provider can help you make the most of this technology for clear and fruitful communication with your remote workers.

At MIS Solutions, we can help you with your tech needs. As a managed IT services provider in Atlanta, we provide cloud computing assistance, IT consulting, network design, data backup and recovery, VoIP phone systems, and plenty more. This is the expert tech assistance your business needs to reach its true potential. Contact us now for more information.

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