IT Support Companies in Atlanta: Risks of Hiring a Subpar IT Provider

Partnering with an IT provider is designed to be a positive experience with many benefits that include less downtime, higher security standards, frequent updates and many more items. Nevertheless, using a low-quality IT provider can increase the chances of your organization, suffering from a significant data breach or security vulnerability. Not all IT support companies in Atlanta are competent, so it is imperative to do the necessary research beforehand. Otherwise, you can put your whole business in jeopardy. Here are just a few ways that a low-quality IT provider can hurt your organization:

Excessive Downtime

Organizations are always trying to keep downtime to a minimum. Employing a low-quality IT provider can lead to excessive amounts of downtime. You really know that downtime is extremely costly and can lead your company to bankruptcy in only a short while. According to studies, downtime costs the typical business $10,000 per hour, which is much more than the vast majority of small business owners can afford. On the other hand, a high-quality IT provider can minimize downtime and help maximize earnings for each employee.

Minimal Staff

Choosing an IT provider that has minimal staff members can lead to a wide range of problems. Typically, these companies consist of two to three members and maybe a few part-time freelancers. Obviously, this is not sufficient to run any professional company, it will lead you to experience poor customer service. It can also open up your business to many security vulnerabilities. It is in the best interests of your organization to move on to another IT provider before you experience any disaster that can be crippling to your business.

Limited Hardware

Another negative factor in choosing a low-quality IT provider is that they typically do not have access to state-of-the-art technology. Instead, they often use outdated hardware that puts the security of your company at risk. Before you choose from among IT support companies in Atlanta, it is vital to get to know their business and ask questions to see if they are using the latest technology.

High Costs

The goal of an IT support company is to limit costs and give you access to the best technology. Unfortunately, many subpar IT companies do the opposite and cause you to operate at much higher prices through the use of inefficient technology. Instead of being an asset to your company, they are a liability that makes it very difficult to succeed in the competitive business world.

There is a wide variety of IT support companies in Atlanta, so it is essential to take the extra time to decide which one best meets the needs of your business. MIS Solutions is an IT company that focuses on providing high-quality customer service and giving our clients access to state-of-the-art technology. Whether your business is small or large, we believe that we can help you reach new levels of success in today’s workplace. Our IT staff members will be happy to answer any questions and give you the assistance that you need. Contact us today and partner with a leading IT provider that can help your organization become even more successful.

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