IT Services in Atlanta: Why Your Business Needs an MSSP

No matter how big or small your business is, you have to deal with cybersecurity threats. The reality is that even small and medium-sized businesses face pretty well the same level of threat to their information technology systems as huge multinational corporations. But the resources needed to address those dangers can be expensive. Thankfully, there is an option for your IT services in Atlanta— an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider).

You may already have heard of managed services. These are computer resources that your business can access on a managed delivery basis. Everything from telephony and computer servers to the management and provision of mobile devices, accounting systems, and production software is available through managed service providers. Now, with MSSPs, your organization can enjoy industry standard security for your IT systems.

Because cybersecurity is such a wide field and requires so many skills, trying to put together your own team of IT security professionals and give them the necessary resources can be very costly. By employing managed security in Atlanta, you can focus the bulk of your resources on what your business does best, while security professionals get on with the job of maintaining the integrity of your IT.

What Can You Get from an MSSP?

24x7x365 monitoring and protection – Cybercriminals don’t sleep much. Even if they do, their dangerous automated systems work tirelessly. Furthermore, the nature and scope of threats and vulnerabilities are changing all the time. You need monitoring and protection that is always-on and ready to act quickly when it detects a problem. With an MSSP, your IT services in Atlanta is protected all the time, without the costs entailed in setting that up in-house.

  • The latest industry-standard tools – MSSPs specialize in covering organizations just like yours. They’re doing this all the time, so they know the trends and the tools involved. They can leverage their experience with other clients to help ensure you are protected.
  • Bespoke hardening – MSSPs are used to dealing with slightly different environments with each new client. They can help organize the testing of your systems needed to implement fixes. They know how to harden your IT to give you the best defenses.
  • Manageable Costs – You’re using an MSSP— that means you get all of the pricing, budgeting, and flexibility! That makes MSSPs such an attractive option for most businesses.

At MIS Solutions, Inc., as an IT services provider in Atlanta, we help businesses tackle their cyber threats in an informed way. To find out more, contact us now.

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