How to Evaluate IT Services Companies in Atlanta

Your business can advance with modern technology if you select the right IT services in Atlanta. The key is to find a managed service provider (MSP) that wants to have a long-term relationship because they genuinely want to protect your business and help it grow. Be careful not to just pick the first MSP that shows up in search engines. Here are key characteristics you should look for in a reputable MSP:

Ideal MSP Qualities

  • Locally-based
  • Employs a diverse pool of certified talent
  • Provides 24/7 help desk
  • Responds to technical issues promptly
  • Deep problem-solving knowledge and experience
  • Recommends solutions to improve efficiency

Proactive Leadership in Security

One of the most important functions of IT services in Atlanta is to ensure data protection. Companies that fail to protect their data run the risk of going out of business when a disaster occurs. Some firms – especially financial, legal and healthcare organizations – must meet government compliance in protecting the privacy of individuals. MSPs need to be aware of regulations as well so that they can provide robust security.

MSPs should be proactive in blocking cyberattacks and protecting equipment. It’s essential to develop a backup and disaster recovery plan to avoid downtime in the event of an emergency. The plan should be periodically tested to make sure your company is well prepared for a disruptive event. The more data is backed up on a regular basis, the less likely you’ll ever have to deal with data loss. Since most of the time data loss is due to employee errors, such as accidentally overwriting files, it’s helpful if MSPs offer staff training to raise awareness about data protection.

When you outsource to a respected MSP, you expect to gain access to experts that keep up with the latest industry technology. They should be able to advise you on how to improve your security with multi-layered solutions.

Effective Response

A primary concern when deciding on an MSP is response time and how quickly they can put technical issues to rest. MSPs that offer around-the-clock tech support can help maintain your reputation among customers. The more the provider learns about the business over time, the faster it can solve problems. Unlike IT teams that try to run up bills, an MSP that’s paid a flat monthly fee will be more concerned about limiting downtime and maintaining business continuity.

Resolving problems quickly comes from education and experience. The problem with hiring an in-house IT team even if you can afford it is that the individuals may not be motivated to be as productive as an outsourced team. While an in-house team may not feel obligated to keep up with new technology, an outsourced team makes continuous learning part of its job. Knowing that you have 24/7 support allows you to sleep better at night.


Your IT services provider in Atlanta needs to be able to keep disasters from happening and know how to fix hardware and software when the issues arise. The most effective MSPs help businesses cut costs and grow. Contact us at MIS Solutions to learn more about how we can protect your data so that you can concentrate on your core business.

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