IT Services in Atlanta: Why It’s Advisable To Acquire ITAM

IT services providers in Atlanta design IT security solutions for software that may have been in operation since the 80s. Consider IBM, this organization is 107 years old and actually predates computational tech. IBM has machines in operation that were current in the 80s. Granted, they have some of the most cutting-edge technology on the market as well, but with such longevity of service, it becomes incumbent on IBM to maintain functionality of legacy hardware and software as much as such a thing can be done.

Governments often rely on data stored in similar old machines, and so additionally, there are legal requirements which predicate maintenance of these systems even into 2018. One way this is done is through interface and emulation programs designed to “float” an older system on modern technology. It may look like green text on a black background contained inside a computer “window” that can be minimized or maximized as necessary. However, it’s accessed by using classic pre-mouse text commands.


As you may imagine, such systems are eminently vulnerable to hacking. It’s the difference between a lead-lined combination safe and a fingerprint scan. Thankfully, IT Asset Management (ITAM) predicates protocols which restrict older systems from internet access, maintaining their security in what used to be characterized as an intranet, rather than internet network. Private cloud solutions are fast beginning to surrogate the legacy hardware required to float such solutions, but this won’t always be possible. This becomes especially threatening when one considers things like WannaCry.

IT services providers in Atlanta providing ITAM were able to avoid WannaCry through proper management of assets and proper patching of systems with internet access. IT security can be fundamental to protecting older, legally necessary vulnerabilities from exploitation. This is what happened with WannaCry. The NSA instituted what’s known as a “backdoor” which only they knew about and used for surveillance purposes. This backdoor was made public in March of 2017, and by May, a ransomware “worm” was designed with the ability to infiltrate any network with a Server Message Block (SMB) port.

Patching Areas Of Vulnerability and Securing Your Business

With an ITAM solution, such vulnerabilities are mapped and addressed to mitigate threats in a given business. For those who must maintain legacy systems for legal reasons and those who must maintain them for reasons of profitability, such solutions are essential. They’re integral and at a fundamental operational level.

Technology continues to progress, but legalities and customer service predicate maintenance of existing systems. As such, IT providers need to guarantee any available protection solutions are deployed.

IT services in Atlanta through MIS Solutions provide IT security which includes ITAM solutions among cutting-edge innovation, consultation, and more. Contact us now to safeguard your systems at the cutting edge of tech, as well as those out of regular circulation models. Managing your assets securely is absolutely essential to avoid the many threats characterizing today’s market. We can help you prepare in advance.

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