IT Services in Atlanta: Advantages of the Cloud Compared to Desktop Software

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is transitioning to the cloud or at least considering such a transition. There are numerous advantages of the cloud, ranging from enhanced flexibility to defenses against disasters and beyond. Below, IT services experts in Atlanta explain these benefits in-depth to give readers a better idea as to why cloud systems have emerged as superior alternatives to conventional desktop software:

Physical Installation is Unnecessary for Cloud Computing in Atlanta

Traditional systems mandate the installation of costly servers that will likely disrupt the flow of work. Such an installation will also prove fairly challenging. If extraordinarily complex, such an installation has the potential to cause considerable downtime. You will have no such worries when you rely on cloud systems. These systems do not need such installation as there is no need for servers on the premises. The installation of the cloud system is as direct as installing software. Once this initial installation period is over, all that will be necessary is transferring email, coordinating mobile and uploading necessary information.

A Line of Defense Against Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are an unfortunate fact of life. All it takes is a dropped cigarette, a flash flood or lightning to spur considerable damage to your facility, servers, and important data. This is precisely why storing data away from the primary office location in the cloud is necessary. Fail to take advantage of the cloud, and you will run the risk of losing your data due to a freak weather occurrence or other events that are totally out of your control.

Enhanced Flexibility

Cloud technology has the potential to save your organization a considerable amount of money through improved flexibility. Businesses can ramp up capacity when necessary, scale it back down when the system has reduced demand, and save big bucks in the process.

The Cloud Lets Your Staff Work Remotely

In today’s interconnected world, it is quite common to see businesses downsizing the physical premises, so employees can work in a remote fashion. Cloud technology streamlines the process by facilitating teamwork. It does not matter where your colleagues are located on the globe. As long as they have a web-connected mobile device, they will be able to connect to the cloud and get work done.

The Cloud Makes Movement Easy

Cloud systems are particularly helpful when it comes to facilitating movement. If you plan on moving to a new office or if you are considering a merger with another company, our IT services team in Atlanta can help you make the most of the cloud. There will not be any need to move the entire IT department or programs to computers in a piecemeal fashion. Rather, the cloud permits a rapid and direct integration of data and new devices in a direct manner.

At MIS Solutions, we can help you make the transition to the cloud with as little conflict and drama as possible. Our IT services experts in Atlanta are here for your tech needs, including and beyond the cloud. From managed services to IT consulting, help desk support, network design, data backup and recovery, network assessments and all-in-one websites, we know tech of all types inside and out. Contact us now for more details.

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