Blending IT Services in Atlanta with the Cloud and Document Management

Electronic document management (EDM) is something IT services providers in Atlanta can offer clients. If your business relies on cloud computing, then you don’t want to partner with firms that only manage traditional infrastructure. It’s essential for server-based and cloud-based companies of all sizes to adopt secure EDM solutions.

Cloud DM vs. Local EDM

Managing your documents in the cloud is a different paradigm than managing on-premise electronic documents. While local server-based EDM can be expensive in terms of user licenses, cloud DM cuts these costs dramatically. Cloud DM is also much more secure for sharing documents between branches of the same enterprise. It can also lead to a more efficient and productive operation.

Your company might benefit more from local EDM if you need to store or transfer very large file size documents. Such file sizes are more suitable for LANs than the cloud. Local EDM also works better for companies that move a high volume of terabytes and have existing large infrastructures.

Cloud-based document management, on the other hand, is the more practical choice for companies that have many remote workers. They have fewer in-house IT staff and reach a large number of users without needing massive storage.

A large cloud-based data center offers better security because it’s usually managed by top-level cybersecurity experts. They use monitoring software to detect suspicious activity on a network and have the ability to block hackers before they cause damage. These providers are more likely to be compliant with government regulations, whereas an in-house IT team might not be as knowledgeable in that area.

Improving Customer and Employee Satisfaction

One of the most often understated advantages of cloud-based document management is that it makes the user experience easier and more flexible. Workers or customers can access their accounts at any time from any location. They can access documents, such as contracts or instructions quickly, which is useful for monitoring real-time information. Outsourcing to an IT services provider in Atlanta makes the experience even better with a 24/7 help desk.

Achieving Better Business Efficiency

With the cloud, you can cut upfront costs on software by using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription. If you use a third-party cloud provider, you’ll cut even more costs on hardware, maintenance, and security. Furthermore, a cloud DM solution can be customized and even compartmentalized for each department. Again, it’s a winning strategy for companies that encompass various branches with hundreds or thousands of customers that need centralized solutions.

Some companies like to use hybrid cloud models, which allows for cost-cutting on storage. A public cloud, in which a third-party provider manages your digital assets, is an ideal place to store information that’s not confidential or doesn’t need to be accessed frequently. A private cloud, which is the same thing as an intranet, is safer for storing sensitive data. Combining these two types of clouds with a talented IT team is your best strategy for keeping your business secure and productive.

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