IT Services in Atlanta Keep Data Available Through Cloud Backup Solutions

IT services providers in Atlanta can protect your interests— especially if cloud backup is utilized. When it comes to computers and crashes, the question isn’t “if;” it is “when.” Here’s an example: CDs max out in terms of shelf life after 20 years. CD drives made in the 90s have mostly quit working. Without proper data migration, information becomes corrupted by simple entropy and is no longer available.

The truth is until they are able to standardize quartz storage or DNA-based computers, this is going to be an issue. One solution is cloud computing. Basically, the cloud is floated on a server array that is continuously maintained. As drives break down, they’re replaced. Data is perpetually copied and recopied–it’s migrated as a natural expression of cloud operation. This ensures it is available to you continuously, even should the worst-case scenario knock your systems offline. To that end, preparing yourself and your business for such an eventuality can seriously save yourself assets, time, and heartache. Several recommendable strategies include:

  • Knowing what is essential
  • Determining how regularly to maintain backups
  • Testing off-site contingency solutions

Know What is Essential to Preserve

IT services providers in Atlanta can help you identify what’s mission-critical and what’s not. Sometimes, you’ll find certain things you thought weren’t a big deal turn out to be considerable. Take the personal preferences put together in terms of your network’s interface, as an example. When rebooted, if this data isn’t saved, users will have to go about reconstituting their interaction experience, as will those who operate the network at its core. This can take time to reconfigure. Additionally, getting used to the “reset” system will take time; both of which add to the expense of an emergency situation. You can have continuous cloud backup so that even in the worst-case scenario, you can remain on your network through a mirrored redundant setup, and get everything back to normal with all haste.

Determine Regularity

Backup continuously if it’s cost-effective to do so. Otherwise, look at your operational cycles. Is a selling cycle a process that averages a week? How much work is done in a day— could you afford to lose a few, realistically? Continuously, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, different organizations and echelons of operation will have different practices here. Find your best fit.


If you’re using a backup solution that isn’t cloud-based and relies on a secondary server array of some kind, you should run it through its paces as regularly as your budget can handle. It’s good to have a backup solution that isn’t located on-site in case something physically damages your premises.


IT services in Atlanta that feature cloud backup from MIS Solutions can provide you off-site, continuously backed up solutions. We can also mirror your network, so you don’t lose productivity even during a serious breach. Finally, we can do this in a way that’s less complicated and more effective than traditional on-site solutions— at a lowered cost to you. Ask about private, public, and hybrid cloud computing solutions, and contact us for services to comprehensively protect your operations.

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