IT Services in Atlanta Can Help with Challenges in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is constantly facing difficulties in running its day-to-day business, from worries about security to the increasing amount of sensitive data that needs to be stored safely and securely. IT services in Atlanta can help solve those problems for you, but you need to know exactly what those problems are in order to react appropriately to them.

Challenges Facing the Healthcare Industry

The most common difficulty is the need to keep private data safe and secure while allowing easy access for patients and their medical practitioners. Staying on the right side of the HIPAA federal requirements is becoming increasingly complex due to the amount of sensitive data that needs to be protected, as well as the diverse range of technological advancements now used by healthcare workers. New techniques of imaging and the need for electronic medical records mean the type of data stored is also more varied than ever before, adding to the complexity of the IT infrastructure needed to support it. Add to this the requirements to keep records indefinitely and the additional backup and recovery issues, and you could end up with a complicated and expensive system to maintain.

Another challenge is the damage that cyberattacks can cause, and as such, this is an important consideration for managed security in Atlanta. Healthcare is such a high-profile industry and it can be prone to threats and incursions by unscrupulous criminals. For example: the US’ medical sector had more than 336 data breaches in 2017. Due to the increased use of mobile equipment and patients’ sudden ability to access their own records, there are more and more possibilities for criminals to be able to find a way into supposedly secure systems if care is not taken to prevent them.

Solutions to Protect Data

IT services providers in Atlanta are familiar with these types of cyberattacks, the laws health services companies must comply with, and how to run effective and efficient companies. When navigating through such a large and constantly evolving industry, it’s important to have knowledge of all the potential problems and to be able to manage the best way to store and retrieve data while simultaneously protecting it. Planning is the key to carrying this out effectively and thoroughly. Modeling a range of plans to ascertain the correct set up for each company’s needs, while creating capability maps to find and plug any holes in the overall system is key. When this is combined with an ability to increase the accessibility for patients while minimizing errors and loopholes, the result is a watertight IT infrastructure.

Planning can be the ultimate step in protection against the challenges of IT in the healthcare industry, and if you need the help of an IT services company in Atlanta, give us at MIS Solutions a call today. With many years of experience in the healthcare sector, we’re perfectly placed to help you plan your IT future. Contact us for assistance in maximizing your efficiency and keeping your vital data safe.

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