Reducing Healthcare IT Staffing Challenges with IT Support in Atlanta

IT support providers in Atlanta work with many diverse clients and industries. One industry in particular that has an intimate relationship with IT providers is that of medicine. The medical industry relies on upgrades in technology to provide necessary medical solutions for patients. Additionally, medical industries have a fundamental need for infrastructural solutions, monitoring technology, and data storage solutions-all of which must remain within HIPAA regulations.

This is all on top of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. What has happened is that profit just does not reach as far as it used to, and cutbacks have become necessary. However, at the same time, answering the need for medical help today also requires better technology and certain expansions. Following are three challenges you are likely to face as a healthcare institution today and how you might overcome them:

  • Increasing output even as resources decrease
  • Finding replacements for veteran staff
  • Answering the IT professional shortage

Increasing Output Even as Resources Decrease

IT support providers in Atlanta can help you consolidate IT costs to a single solution which will save tens of thousands of dollars every month and retain HIPAA compliance via shared liability. Cloud computing is an easy way to surrogate in-house server arrays and commonly comes with greater security. Moreover, you can downsize on existing IT personnel while retaining existing output, and likely gain even more through infrastructural solutions only available in the cloud.

Additionally, you want to learn to optimize operations. Find where the fat is; cut it. Crunch the numbers. Learn when to say no to an innovation, and when to say yes. On that which you absolutely must innovate around, wait six to seven months for competition or peers to roll out multiple families of the software/hardware/medical techniques you are looking to branch into. Go with that which works best over time and has the fewest bugs. Think several years down the road, not just several months, weeks, or days. Calculate statistics with this mindset.

Finding Replacements for Veteran Staff

You need to hire new staff to replace veteran staff before the veterans retire. Baby boomers are getting there; start anticipating a certain percentage of retirement consistent within a margin of error to the trend as it has been in your hospital. Hire accordingly.

You have to be especially careful with the new generation. Not only are they unskilled, but they have attitude difficulties. Sometimes it is best to take an outsourced approach rather than a new tech person approach.

Answering the IT Professional Shortage

Outsourced IT solutions through an MSP can help overcome technology and staffing needs in a single solution, which simultaneously conserves resources while allowing your medical facility to do more. You spend less on tech, you get more out of it, and ultimately such options can be more reliable even than the finest veteran employees. There is a real IT staff shortage today, and it is better to work with an outsourced tech agency who has shared liability and understands HIPAA, than with your last resort from the hiring pool.

Upgrading Your Healthcare Facility

IT support in Atlanta through MIS Solutions, Inc. provides you outsourced technology that will save your healthcare facility money and expand operational potential. Contact us to do more with less.

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