How Managed IT Services in Atlanta Save Your IT Costs

IT is becoming increasingly important as we march forward into a high-tech reality. IT costs also have the potential to skyrocket unless you take the proper precautions. Here are helpful ways a managed IT services group in Atlanta put together to help you save your money for IT operations:

Standardize the Systems

Each piece of hardware and software you add to your network will have its own unique challenges in terms of operation and interoperability with additional systems. If your systems are standard across the board, you won’t have nearly as many problems.

Monitor the Network

Unexpected downtime is one of the worst-case scenarios as it can bring productivity to a standstill. It hurts employee morale and efficiency. It also requires emergency repairs that prove quite disruptive. The answer is a proactive monitoring of the computer network. This monitoring can identify and prevent the potential causes of downtime prior to actual impact. A managed IT services group in Atlanta can help with this in-depth monitoring.

Telecommunications Contracts

It won’t take too long to review those telecommunications contracts. There is no sense in paying the same rate for voice and data as you did years ago when the cost of this technology has decreased in the meantime. Vendors of such services allow for a review of the existing contracts at no cost to you. You might save upwards of 25 percent as a result of such a review. It is even possible to enjoy a 50 percent cost reduction if your cable or fiber internet service obliges.

Technology That can be Broadly Deployed

There are a chance new systems will prove incompatible with what you have, so do not assume it will be possible to stay compatible with the biggest tech vendors. Try to buy your hardware from the big players like IBM, HP or Dell rather than the local computer guy down the road. Opt for Windows Mobile or Blackberry handhelds. Purchase Office straight from Microsoft rather than trying to get by with a no-cost or low-cost substitute that is drastically inferior. Be sure to use backup software or rely on a trusted online vendor.

When in doubt, opt for quality. The money you save on an inferior product will come back to bite you with a short service life or the need for repairs etc. This is especially true for printers, copy machines, fax machines, scanners and all-in-one machines that perform all such functions.

Always Keep the Antivirus Up to Date

Make it a point to update the antivirus on a regular basis. Do not let viruses or malware attack your system with success. These threats are dynamic, meaning they are ever-changing, so be sure to update your protection every couple months at a bare minimum. If you are not running the latest version of the program, it will come back to haunt your organization.

If you are in need of managed IT services group in Atlanta, MIS Solutions is an IT provider company. We can reduce your IT costs, ramp up your efficiency and make a positive impact on your bottom line. Contact us today and let us make it happen.

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