Apply Cost-Effective Serverless Solutions with IT Services in Atlanta

Defining Serverless Computing

IT services providers in Atlanta can give your business a competitive edge while reducing operational expenses. One of the best ways to do this in the modern age is via serverless computing. If you’re unfamiliar with it, this idea is encapsulated in “the cloud.”

Cloud computing uses a network of servers linked together in an array. Think of it like pixels: if you look closer at your computer screen, you’re going to find there are very small boxes which make up the total image— cloud computing is like that.

Thousands of servers in an array make increasingly complex computational operations less taxing and more tangible than ever. Instead of one computer working on a problem, it can be split up between thousands. If it took 1,000 seconds to process a certain bit of data, via cloud computing array, the same thing can essentially be done in 1 second. What was 16 minutes and 40 seconds is now instantaneous.

Infrastructural Reductions

So why is it called “serverless” computing even though it obviously incorporates many servers? Well, traditionally, a business would need to host operations “in-house.” That means they’d have to buy a server, or several of them, and maintain those servers on their premises.

If you can find a single server at $2,000, you’re likely going to have to ship it, you’ll need space to store it, you’ll need a backup solution, you’ll need personnel to maintain that server, you’ll need to upgrade the server, and you’ll need to “trash” it and buy a new one every three to five years depending on how cutting edge your business operations need to be.

Altogether, you’d be doing really well to keep such an option going for less than $50k a year. You’re likely going to be closer to $100k per server, once collateral costs are taken into account. Qualified people for the job are, alone, going to cost $30k per minimum. The more tech you have, the more tech people you need— that’s easy enough to see. IT services providers in Atlanta offer the same solutions at a fraction of the cost through serverless— or “cloud”— computing options.

SaaS, DaaS, and Security

Basically, cloud computing isn’t just a remote data repository. Through SaaS (Software as a Service), essential functions in terms of computing can be accomplished. Through DaaS (Desktop as a Service), employees locally and remotely can interface with your “network,” as it is “floated” digitally via the cloud. This means it can be accessed anywhere. If you really want to capitalize on infrastructural cost reduction, you can also institute a vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer) to help maintain your cloud network, and upgrade operations as necessary.

You’ll usually find serverless computing solutions additionally provide better security, as it is “cutting-edge” and the prerogative of providers to maintain. So, to summarize, serverless solutions provide:

  • Increased computational ability
  • Reduced infrastructural cost
  • Expanded security

Altogether, these things make your operational potential greater than it would be otherwise.

Obtaining Serverless Computing Solutions

Contact us at MIS Solutions and let our IT services providers in Atlanta optimize your organization cost-effectively and in a way that may very well be necessary as serverless solutions begin to characterize business technology.

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