Understanding Endpoint Detection and Response from IT Support Firms in Atlanta

If you are planning on hiring an IT support firm in Atlanta, you should inquire about their endpoint detection and response program. This is a crucial element in technology support which can affect the performance and security of your commercial network. In general, endpoint detection and response can be defined as the tools which are focused on detecting, identifying and examining suspicious activities and other problems in the endpoints or hosts.

While this is a considerably new class of IT solutions, it has become indispensable in modern organizations. In most MSPs, the service is referred to as EDR for endpoint detection and response. However, it can also be grouped as part of advanced threat protection or ATP. This technology addresses the critical need for commercial networks to be monitored. Moreover, it ensures that technicians can respond to problems quickly.

The Mechanism of EDR Solutions

Endpoint detection and response solutions are not complex in their mode of function. In general, these tools work by constantly monitoring the activities in the endpoints and general networks. They also collect the information on all the occurring events in a centralized database and perform a complete analysis. The central database uses a software agent to perform the analysis as well as detecting problems, performing investigations, generating reports and sending alerts on suspicious activities.

When you engage EDR services from an IT support firm in Atlanta, you will enjoy better security for your network. In simple terms, the monitoring tools and analysis software will help the MSP discover any problems as early as possible. The tools will make it possible for technicians to detect unusual activities caused by an attack. Therefore, they will respond with haste, preventing damage to your network and subsequent downtime.

In addition, the EDR can have functionalities which allow automated response to destructive entities. For example, the solutions can deflect common malware attacks when detected without the direct intervention of technicians. All the endpoint detection and response solutions do not work in the same way. There are significant differences in the detection processes, analysis methods and levels of automation in the response to threats. However, they will all work towards detecting and preventing cyber threats.

More than Tools

While endpoint detection and response was a term designed to refer to a group of tools, the scope of the related solutions have expanded. In short, there are numerous EDR systems and solutions provided by MSP which can perform more processes than the ones outlined above. For example, some EDR tools can offer services such as data encryption, privileged user control, application control and network access control in addition to the normal detection and response functionalities.

Still, the most important aspect of an ideal EDR solution is the ability to identify anomalies such as unrecognized connections, activation of rare processes and the use of the network for risky activities. Moreover, the network should be able to trigger alerts to allow further investigation or resolution of potential network problems.

If you would like to understand the potential benefits of endpoint detection and response from an IT support firm in Atlanta for your business, consult our expert technicians at MIS Solutions for more information.

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