DaaS Through Managed IT Services in Atlanta

Device as a Service (DaaS) is a cloud service that every up-to-date managed IT services provider in Atlanta should know about. Not to be confused with “Desktop as a Service,” DaaS is like “managed” Hardware as a Service (HaaS). It allows you to lease hardware at your facility and get the support you need for the leased devices. Here are more details about this service that’s like HaaS with support in which you can lease hardware on a monthly basis:

How DaaS Saves You Money

One of the key ways DaaS can save you money is that you won’t keep investing in and maintaining hardware. You merely lease the hardware as you need it. Your managed IT services provider in Atlanta will maintain and update the hardware, so you don’t have to worry about using old hardware. The equipment is monitored so the provider knows when to replace components such as a battery.

The service provides modern mobile and PC devices, as well as high-quality workstations. Additionally, the service includes expert advice to help you navigate through the maze of solutions as technology keeps evolving. You can have all your hardware needs with support under one contract. Through this type of consolidation, you will reduce hidden costs. Monthly costs will be predictable, allowing you to plan budgets more accurately. The fact that you will be cutting costs allows you to invest in other areas of your business.

Customized Services

Part of the attraction to DaaS is that the service is flexible, scalable, and offers customization. The provider will configure each device and be responsible for installation and data migration. You will be able to scale your business up or down at any time.

Many businesses that want to attract and maintain well-trained talent will appreciate that DaaS provides access to new and stylish mobile devices at reduced cost. By allowing employees to use up-to-date devices, they feel better about their job and work environment.

How DaaS Improves Security

Security is strengthened under a DaaS contract since the service includes monitoring every device on the network. Monitoring involves keeping track of the location and condition of each device. The administrator will set policies that determine how passwords are structured. The policies can also be configured to allow access to certain applications while blocking others. Your provider will be alerted to vulnerabilities and cyber threats immediately so that they can prevent disasters.

If the devices are attacked or damaged, the provider will replace it, depending on the terms in the service level agreement (SLA). When devices become old they will get replaced so that you will have reliable equipment. In the event a device is decommissioned, the hard drive may be wiped and recycled.

If your managed IT services provider in Atlanta hasn’t heard of DaaS, it’s time to find a provider that’s more knowledgeable. Under a DaaS agreement, the MSP owns and maintains the hardware it leases to businesses. To learn more about DaaS, contact us at MIS Solutions, Inc. We help businesses find more efficient solutions and provide 24/7 support.

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