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Few industries need IT services in Atlanta like the healthcare industry. Doctors and nurses deal with highly sensitive information. They know social security numbers, blood types, allergies, and next of kin. What would happen in the event of a security breach? There is no end to the amount of damage done to millions. Any computing issues that arise threaten the integrity of data for people across the country. Ensuring the safety and security of so many requires a number of best practices.

Educate Staff

An educated staff is every healthcare provider’s first line of defense. In the event of any data breach, you can bet that malicious or negligent staff played a minor role at some point. When partnering with your managed IT security in Atlanta, build the foundation of best practices upon focused training. Go into detail as to what constitutes a HIPAA violation and what doesn’t. Provide learning materials on the dangers of social engineering, phishing schemes, and attacks that target employees. Simplest of all, teach good habits when it comes to creating secure passwords. Don’t let your employees use login credentials any hacker could decode.

Educating employees about best practices for their smartphones further ensures the integrity of data. Implement a clear mobile device management policy among your staff. Doing so not only protects their data, but it also protects that of your patients.

Network Security and Encryption

Inadequate wireless security poses one of the largest threats to the healthcare industry. Think of a number of people who sit in a hospital in a waiting room every day. Most offices rely on wireless routers for their networks. If these networks remain insecure or if you offer public Wi-Fi, chances are that someone will connect who does not have your patients’ best interests in mind. Hackers can break into networks with weak security with ease. Updating technology prevents unwanted access to data. Make sure that you have routers using the most current security standards.

All patient data needs strong encryption. No matter what format or platform data is on, you need to handle anything containing sensitive information with the utmost care. This is especially important as so much data exchange in the healthcare industry relies on portable storage devices. Partner your employees with IT services in Atlanta so they can learn the best ways to protect the identity and confidentiality of your patients.

Software Protection

A near limitless amount of programs exist to protect, scan, and secure your most sensitive data. Utilize email and file scanning technology to pick out anything unusual. Filtering out suspicious messages decreases the chances that someone can infect your computing systems by mistake. If one such email does happen to get through, report it immediately.

Healthcare providers have a moral and legal obligation to protect the integrity of patient data. Choosing MIS Solutions, Inc. for your IT services in Atlanta can help. Our professional managed services support a wide range of industries including healthcare, legal, construction, and manufacturing. Contact our expert staff when in the market for the most secure IT support. We keep your business healthy so you can do the same for your patients.

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