IT Support in Atlanta: Why Law Firms Need an MSP

Until recently, the legal industry was slow in investing in new technology or seeking IT support in Atlanta. The good news is that attorneys are now seeking to outsource cloud services that help manage data and applications. Before this, law firms are even using unbundling and BYOD (bring your own device) policies.

Consider the deeper reasons why your law firm should hire a managed services provider (MSP) to deliver business technology solutions.

Keeping Up With Technology

The primary reason why you should aim for high quality IT support in Atlanta is the fact that technology keeps advancing rapidly. New solutions continue to help businesses save time and money, especially for companies moving to cloud computing. Attorneys are now turning to document management software, which is always evolving.

Every law firm needs an authoritative website to help market its business. However, many attorneys are simply too busy handling clients to have time to build their own websites. Outsourcing to a seasoned team that has access to the latest web applications can be advantageous for your firm. A digital marketing team that understands SEO and content development can help you save a fortune on marketing expenses.

Improving Stability, Security and Reliability

One of your top concerns should be business continuity. Even if you run modern hardware and software, it helps to have IT professionals constantly monitoring your network and taking proactive measures to prevent system failures.

Another key element to running a stable business is being able to predict your monthly cost structure. You will be able to avoid the pitfalls that occur when hardware failures result from lack of testing. Proper maintenance will ensure that your system gives you the best ROI and client satisfaction.

Since your law firm deals with highly confidential information, you must always work on improving security.

If your only answer to stopping cybercrime is antivirus software, then your firm is at risk, since hackers keep finding new ways to breach the most sophisticated security software.

If you decide on a BYOD policy, you must take extra measures to make sure that all devices are secure. Mobile device management (MDM) software is a powerful solution to oversee multiple devices from one central admin control panel. It allows you to lock and wipe data on mobile devices if they get lost or stolen.

An effective way to maintain a strong reputation with your clients is to be able to access data instantly when you need it. That means you need to back up your data in multiple locations so that it is protected in case there is a power outage or a cyber-attack. The last thing you want to deal with is extensive downtime, which can be drastic if you do not have a well-envisioned data recovery plan or sufficient multi-layered security. A 24/7 help desk can resolve technical issues quickly.

If your law firm needs to upgrade to IT support in Atlanta, think about hiring an experienced MSP like MIS Solutions, Inc. We will make your business more efficient by providing you with innovative technology, especially when it comes to security. Learn more about how we can provide reliable 24/7 tech support, proactive data protection, and expert tech advice. Contact us today!

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