Managed IT Services Business Advice for Atlanta: Are You Still Tolerating Toxic People in Your Organization?

Toxic people are present in all industries and they can be damaging to businesses, including those that need or provide managed IT services in Atlanta. These individuals are characterized by negative attitudes that can spread through the workplace. While some complainers enjoy harvesting a destructive atmosphere, others seem to be trapped in a self-defeating attitude. Here’s how professional leaders approach toxic people, keeping this unproductive behavior under control.

Dangers of Negative Communication

At the core of any successful company is a positive team spirit. Employees must work together to carry out a company mission so that monetary and quality goals can be met. Inspiring leadership is a huge factor that drives the mechanics of this organizational strategy. But even the most positive managers may have to face friction from workers who are unhappy about their compensation or the direction of the company.

In order for a business to stay ahead of the curve, it must create the type of synergy that will, inevitably, be felt by customers. If the overall energy that the team generates has an atmosphere of skepticism and distrust, it will likely raise questions and suspicion among customers. Customers consider your services to relieve stress, not increase it.

Believe it or not, negative energy is more than just psychological, as it can be scientifically measured in brain activity. When the brain enters a stressful mode, it can communicate feelings that work against the goal of a productive workplace. Every business, including managed IT services companies in Atlanta, must deal with some degree of pressure, but caving into pressure leads to disorder, which is how companies collapse.

How IT Management Can Prevent Chaos

One of the cornerstones of facilitating a stress-free work environment is for management to keep a logical focus that steers clear of emotional chaos. A supervisor has the power to set a tone for his and her staff that shapes expectations and meaningful rewards. The most central theme you can convey with clarity to employees is that every team member contributes to problems or solutions.

Part of your job as a team leader is to evaluate the output of each team player. Obviously, you’re in the business of resolving problems, not expanding them; so show support for players who are assertive contributors. People who spend their energy on spreading toxic rumors are certainly not as valuable to a company as those who concentrate their energy on solutions.

One way to counter a complaint is to ask the worker how they suggest or intend to resolve the issue. Here are different tips for keeping a team focused on solutions, rather than problems:

  • Be selective in choosing battles that require authoritative action
  • Operate within the agenda that you are able to control
  • Eliminate troublemakers who disrespect your authority
  • Rise above irrational behavior instead of being consumed by it
  • Set boundaries and make sure worker roles are well-defined
  • Be willing to forgive initial mistakes, but don’t tolerate negative patterns
  • Accept constructive criticism, reject subjective outbursts
  • Embrace supporters


Positive energy is what fuels successful companies, including managed IT services providers in Atlanta; so stay on the rational side of issues and don’t let emotions disrupt your mission. Avoid mood-altering substances such as caffeine and get plenty of rest so that you’re in control. Feel free to contact us today at MIS Solutions to learn more about how we can provide business solutions that generate positive vibrations.

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