Managed IT Services In Atlanta Is Essential In Data Protection

Managed IT services in Atlanta is an essential component in both managing and securing data. You’re going to experience losses if you don’t plan ahead. It is not a matter of “if,” it’s a matter of “when.” Consider this hypothetical scenario. Your computer is plugged into an energy system and everything is working fine, but you accidentally bump the power supply such that an internal component gets jostled out of position. Now it still energizes your computer, but out of the factory specs concerning proper levels of energy. The designers of the computer have planned for this, they’ve got a fail-safe which will automatically shut down your laptop before energy overload can fry the motherboard. But once that fail-safe clicks in, the computer can no longer be charged.

Fixing this issue is as simple as taking the computer to a shop and having a technician pull off the back cover, flip a switch, and plug the computer back in. But you’ll have to get a new power supply. Now, this is an issue some Macintosh users have come against and been forced to discover the hard way. But until you make that discovery, should your computer crash like this, you’re going to be running around at least a day troubleshooting the problem before you can access your files. Unless, of course, you’re already managing them.

Areas Of Compromise Expanded

This is a very specific, simple examples designed to elucidate the need for data protection at even the smallest levels of business. As you increase the number of computational devices in a system, you’ll find that there is much greater potential for data losses. Some common things managed IT services in Atlanta can help you safeguard yourself against include:

  • Viruses
  • Hack Attacks
  • Malware
  • Adware and Spam
  • System Overload
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Software Failure
  • Employee Misconduct
  • Human Error


The solution to all these things is regular Backup and Data Recovery, or BDR. There are ways to secure a system such that downtime can be practically eliminated. Recovery can be almost instantaneous. Have you considered cloud computing? This is basically outsourcing a data center such that it isn’t required to be maintained on site. You cut the costs of acquisition, installation, space, storage, maintenance, and a secondary backup system; not to mention the declination of necessary support personnel and their associated costs. With the cloud, you are able to pay a monthly fee (or annual fee, depending) which is much less costly, retains the same advantages, and provides even greater protection for data.

The Importance Of Specific Management Protocols

Beyond protecting your data, it must be managed. This means it’s got to be stored correctly for recall when necessary, and as certain functions of data are used for regular operations, other areas of functionality must be able to work without compromise. A managed security solution in Atlanta can make this possible with much greater success than an on-site solution and the associated costs which come with that.

Finding Security Solutions

You’re going to need protection and recovery options eventually. Managed IT services in Atlanta through MIS Solutions, Inc. is designed to help you determine the best means of managing data for your business. Contact us today for top-tier, cutting-edge tech solutions that will safeguard your data while simultaneously streamlining your business.

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