Engaging Your Managed IT Services Provider in Atlanta: Staying Safe with Employee-Owned Devices

Your provider of managed IT services in Atlanta is there to help you in many different ways. To stay safe, you need to keep your IT policies, devices, and networks secure. While the idea of allowing your employees to use their own devices, you need to be careful when implementing it.

Why Bring Your Own Device Makes Sense

A lot of people are starting to let their employees use their own electronic devices. There are many reasons that your company should look into going BYOD (bring your own device). These include:

  • Lower costs – Your company doesn’t have to buy as many electronics. These costs can add up, and by having employees use their own devices, you avoid that expense.
  • Ease of use for employees – The devices that your employees use are going to be familiar to them. They are comfortable using the interfaces and managing their own equipment.
  • Ease of onboarding new employee – It is much easier to let new employees use their own devices. Setting up a new employee on a corporate network can be time-consuming and costly. BYOD avoids many of these headaches.

With all the benefits of BYOD, it makes sense to look into the required policies and services need to make it happen.

Potential Troubles with BYOD Policies

BYOD policies need to be considered carefully before implementation. This management of mobile devices opens your business up to some new risks. Your employees are potentially going to have access to sensitive information. Your policies must find a way to control this information without controlling the entire device.

You are also giving a great deal of information to employees who could have their phones lost or stolen. Many people don’t properly lock their phones and tablets— this puts your information at risk. While company-owned devices can be controlled, personal devices are not under that scrutiny.

Privacy is another issue that comes with BYOD. You should be able to manage their activity, in manners of company behavior. However, trying to manage that while keeping out of their private lives is difficult with BYOD.

How to Make it Work

BYOD is a viable mobile device policy. To make it work, you need to take these steps:

  1. Use the right software – Depending on your business, you will have different software requirements. Take time to select the right software for your needs to make sure you are not taking any additional risks. Talk with the business providing you with managed IT services in Atlanta to find the right solution.
  2. Build a documented policy – Mitigate risks from BYOD by ensuring your employees know what is expected of them in terms of security and information-sharing.
  3. Define uses – It is important that your employees know if there is anything they should avoid having on their mobile devices. This is an important step, especially if your company is under any specific privacy laws.

Your managed IT services provider in Atlanta is there to help you build and protect your information services. At MIS Solutions, Inc., we work with you to find the best solutions for your business. Find out more about us and our services by contacting us today.

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