Managed Security in Atlanta Can Help You Combat Phishing Attacks

Managed security for Atlanta businesses is becoming more important these days, due to the fact that the Internet has become extremely prone to phishing attacks. In fact, phishing schemes have become quite prevalent that many businesses have lost a lot of money due to successful attacks on their IT infrastructure. The severity of phishing today demands that you have the most advanced security tools to protect your IT from malicious attacks. It is not enough to have basic antivirus programs and a firewall setup to shield your IT infrastructure from phishing attacks.

According to the statistics published by the Anti-Phishing Working Group, phishing attacks have been significantly increasing year after year. Therefore, it is necessary to acknowledge the risk of a phishing attack on your business and take firm measures to prevent them. The most suitable approach to combat phishing attacks is to hire specialists who offer managed security services in Atlanta.

Always Be On the Lookout for Potential Phishing Attacks

As you already know, phishing attacks are camouflaged in many ways and are spread on computer networks through which they are perpetrated. For instance, your website could be spoofed on the Internet through which existing customers may be tricked to reveal confidential information. You can overcome such malice by implementing web security measures, such as using secure socket layer encryptions. This will greatly help visitors to your website differentiate between unsecured and phony websites by recognizing the secure connection (HTTPS) on your website’s URL address. Implementing a secure connection of the hypertext transfer protocol will always display secure sockets certificates and block malicious code from infecting your website.

Watch Out For Unsolicited Emails

While you may not be able to scan through every email that your staff or customers open, many phishing attacks take the form of suspicious emails. Such emails come with embedded links which, once clicked, will redirect to a resource with a malicious code to download an infected file on a workstation. To overcome this threat, your best option is to partner with a firm that specializes in managed security. With such a firm as your partner, you will have the security of a hosted email server in their secure cloud platforms and enjoy the latest and advanced anti-phishing security tools.

Conduct a Regular Audit of Phishing Attacks

With the understanding that phishing attacks continue to skyrocket and take more sophisticated forms, it is sensible to conduct an audit of your computer network to identify their prevalence. Identity theft and publicized attacks targeting personal information of business executives are quite common. Thus, you need to audit such attacks and log them to be able to protect your computer network from being infected. You ought to discuss and set up a routine audit of phishing attacks with your managed security services provider.

Phishing attacks are no longer an exaggerated science fiction theme, but a reality especially for IT businesses. However, you do not need to feel desperate or threatened by the prospect of a phishing attack that could potentially cripple your business operations. At MIS Solutions, we have the technology and experience to help you out in thwarting phishing attacks. Contact us today and get direct access to our cutting-edge security solutions under our managed security services in Atlanta.

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