Keep Your Business Secure with Managed IT Security in Atlanta

One of the key goals of managed IT security in Atlanta is to keep your data safe. There are many different parts of your business that need to have your corporate data on hand. From sales to billing, nothing functions without it. When you suddenly don’t have access to your data, your business suffers.

What Could Hurt Your Data

You may think that your data is fine. It is digital storage; what could go wrong? Many businesses start out with this mindset until the worst happens. Between failures, ransomware and employee errors, things could cause your data to become unusable. The world is full of risks to your data. It is important that you take the necessary steps to keep it as safe as possible.

Train Your Staff

Your employees are the weak points in any security system. The best security programs in the world do nothing if your employees are sharing passwords and leaving their computers unlocked. They have the potential to create the largest opening in your computer systems network. Proper training is critical to ensure the safety of your data. Make sure they are aware of the risks and enforce business procedures that work towards a secure environment.

Install Those Updates

You know it is tempting to just procrastinate on installing updates and patches. Many times, they seem to pop up at the worst time possible, so you delay them. Now it has been three weeks, your system was venerable, and all your data is gone.

Security is one of the major drivers for most computer updates. When a flaw is found in security, software developers work quickly to find a solution. Time is of the essence, as malicious content is going to try to attack your business before you are protected. The longer you let your data be at risk, the higher the chance that your data will be lost or held for ransom.

Physical Backups

One of the simplest ways to protect your data is to back it up. Having a second (or even third) copy is going to save you in the event your working copy is no longer available. It is the last resort for worst case scenarios. This requires a few steps and some additional hardware. While the extra cost seems a lot up front, it gives you protection from all types of data loss.

For the greatest protection, keep a secondary backup copy of all your data at a different location. This reduces the risk caused by flooding, fire, or other issues specific to the server location. For many providers of managed IT security in Atlanta, this off-site space is part of the services they provide.

Always keep your data secure. It is mission critical for your business to have seamless access to all the data your employees need. At MIS Solutions, Inc., we provide managed IT security in Atlanta for your company. We can help you keep your data safe. For more information, contact us today.

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