Managed IT Services Business Ideas for Atlanta: Are You Asking for Referrals?

If It Isn’t Broke, There’s No Sense in Fixing It

Managed IT services in Atlanta can help put you in contact with a variety of successful marketing techniques to help your business grow. Oftentimes, given the technology which silhouettes most MSP operations, marketing solutions will follow cutting-edge trends. This can be a double-edged sword. Sometimes, a new trend only pays for itself but doesn’t make any profit. Meanwhile, there are quite a few well-known marketing techniques that are older but still work. It’s no good to throw the baby out with the bathwater, as the saying goes: while you’re getting rid of antiquated techniques, don’t neglect some just because they haven’t been created recently.

An Old But Effective Technique

One of the most easily forgotten and obvious marketing techniques for spreading sales is to ask for referrals. Hardly anybody uses this, but it’s a great way to increase your company’s visibility authentically. With a good client, once service is complete, ask that client to refer you to others. This can be done actively or passively.

In passing, you can say to the client something to the tune of, “Well thanks for working with us — and hey, do us a solid; if you know anybody who needs the kind of service we do, tell them about us, will you?” or you could be more direct. You could ask for a review online through a site like Certainly, many organizations won’t be quick to write a review for your business but managed IT services in Atlanta can help you with a clever workaround.

Pre-Written Reviews

If you’ve got a client’s email address and they were pleased with your service, you can have your own sales staff write a review, then send it to the client with a message that may go something like this: “We understand you’re very busy and were satisfied with our services. Would you be willing to authorize the following review on Google published in your name?”

Certainly, design the message however you like, but you get the idea. Most clients will jump at this opportunity. They get a bit of free publicity out of it too, and nobody has to spend time concocting a review when they could be doing company work.

Educating Salespeople

Salespeople should source referrals as part of their process. It’s always good to get a review, even if you wrote it; but the best ones have an organic quality to them which cannot be mimicked. So train your salespeople to go for the referral after the sale, and in a proactive way.

Also, when it comes to referrals, you don’t have to risk the relationship you already have with an existing client to get one. You might have your salespeople casually ask for introductory information to other individuals who may need your services. This is a step above having the client recommend you, because they’re likely to drop the ball on that as it isn’t a prime prerogative, and asking for a favor could sour the relationship. But asking for information on other companies who may need help is simple and effective.

To review, some old but good advice pertaining to solid marketing today includes:

  • Using techniques that work regardless of age
  • Getting referrals actively or passively
  • Educating salespeople pertaining to referral importance
  • Having a multi-pronged approach for your referral acquisition

Sourcing Professional Assistance

Managed IT services in Atlanta through MIS Solutions, Inc. incorporate techniques of this kind to help businesses expand and can help yours do the same. Contact us for IT solutions that are cost-effective and will help you streamline your existing operations.

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