Atlanta IT Services Can Help Secure Your Healthcare Clinic Through Cloud Solutions

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Atlanta IT services can be integral in preserving the security of your healthcare clinic. Cloud computing provides secure backup solutions retaining sensitive information while simultaneously making it instantaneously accessible to those who are authorized. But such advantages only scratch the surface. Further cloud computing positives for the healthcare industry include:

  • Reduced operational costs, administrative costs and bureaucratic complexity
  • Disaster recovery insurance through geographically disparate data centers
  • Increased expedience in recovery, as well as reliability
  • Transference of files more securely
  • Effective utilization of it forces
  • Growth adaptability

Reduce Costs Operationally, Administratively and Bureaucratically

Atlanta IT services companies that provide cloud computing solutions allow you to consolidate data into one location which doesn’t require on-site maintenance, purchase, upgrade, or delivery; so that reduces your operational costs. When you can access everything administratively from one consolidated location (like with data centers of yesteryear), that represents a decrease in the complication of operations. This saves time and it also makes it possible to more quickly service certain patients while sourcing information in an on-demand kind of way. Plus, your servers won’t have to deal with being overrun. You won’t see delays and sluggish operation. Cumulatively, that’s a big deal. Altogether, these things diminish bureaucratic redundancy losses such as delays that could very well undermine healthcare delivery.

Disaster Recovery Insurance

Cloud computing solutions are geographically disparate. This means if a flood, tornado, hurricane, revolution, or other natural disaster backhands the community of your healthcare clinic, you and your patients aren’t left without recourse. Not only will you retain access, but if something knocks out onsite systems, you can still reboot them and retain all the data.

Faster, More Reliable Recovery

This dovetails with the last point, but when you’ve got geographically disparate solutions, you’re able to source a backup quicker, and in a way, that’s more trustworthy. Additionally, it’s the prerogative of the cloud computing provider you work with to ensure reliable operations. They’ll always be proactively monitoring, updating, and troubleshooting their own systems with greater accuracy and effectiveness than most on-site solutions— even government ones, in many cases.

More Secure File Transfer

Top-tier encryption protocols transfer files from your clinic to a vault, and to the site where exterior access is needed. Only authorized employees are able to view these files— not even those at the data center can if they don’t have the encryption key. That key is your method of unlocking your files, and otherwise, they are entirely unreadable. The security of encryption through cloud computing is in the vast majority of cases greater than other encryption options.

More Effective Resource Usage

If you’re paying for an on-site data center, you’re going to have sub-standard solutions limited by your budget which cost more to maintain. Simply put: the cloud gives you more for less, increasing your available finances and thus maximizing service delivery at your healthcare facility.

Growth Adaptability

With cloud computing resources maintained by a professional organization, when new technology becomes available, your healthcare clinic is already on the cutting edge. Especially when it comes to medicine, this could be the difference between the retention and loss of a life.

The Cloud Switch

Atlanta IT services through MIS Solutions, Inc. provide these solutions and more, cost-effectively. You’ll be able to streamline operations, facilitate outward growth without so much expense, protect data more effectively, diminish the time lost in the organization, categorization, and retrieval of information, and have backup solutions which are the finest out there. Contact us to make the cloud switch and provide yourself an increased profit margin.

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