Hiring Internal IT Support in Atlanta Can Be a Bad Move for Some SMBs!

A Double-Edged Sword

Hiring external IT support in Atlanta may seem expensive and may not fully meet your IT service needs. But hiring internal IT support is not the right solution for the vast majority of SMBs, and the following are several reasons why:

  • Increased costs
  • Non-deductible expenses
  • Need for multiple personnel/inevitable outsourcing
  • Inability to track internal tech solutions’ productivity

Increased Expenses

Even if you use an internal tech to help move your business to the cloud, you’re still going to have to pay that tech a requisite fee. And since that tech set up your systems, you’ll likely want to retain him or her. This means, in addition to cloud expenses on a monthly basis, you’ll have a cost for this technician likely no less than $3,000 monthly. Realistically, that’s a very conservative estimate. Most techs working as primary IT managers for a business will be pulling down between $3,800 and $11,000 every month, as of 2015. So that’s a minimum of $45,600 yearly if you’ve got them on full-time. But cut that fee into a quarter of its cost, and it’s still expensive. So even non-integral IT service personnel end up being very expensive.

Non-Deductible Costs

Next, you can’t deduct that pay in the same way you can through exterior consultation and support. When you outsource, the whole fee is deductible. When you’re using internal employees, only a portion of the expense is deductible. So you’ll pay more taxes for the internal solution. That alone is enough to get most small to medium-sized businesses on the outsource train.

Multiple Needs/Inevitable Outsourcing

It doesn’t matter how much you pay individualized IT folks. Sometimes, they’re just going to need to outsource anyway. For certain installations, tech acquisition, troubleshooting and programming needs — the list goes on. Likely enough, you’ll need to pay for outsourced consultation regardless. So if you’ve got the internal tech guy, it’s like you’re being hammered twice.

Inability to Track Productivity

IT support in Atlanta which is outsourced won’t use “geek speak.” It won’t employ technical terminology that only other insiders understand. Why? Well, any external consulting agency must be one that can be understood by those to whom it caters. Otherwise, it can’t source sales and expand its own business in a profitable way. Meanwhile, an internal tech person has an incentive to be mysterious in his or her language: if you don’t know what they’re up to, you can’t really criticize them. You might, for example, ask them why system functionality isn’t where it’s supposed to be, and get some inexplicable response like: “Well, the Hadoop loop on the server cluster has a compromised firmware problem which requires a reboot through sourced software I don’t have, and I’ve been forced into an externalized cloud solution through my end-user terminal.” What he means is, he’s got to download the program onto his laptop, and he hasn’t gotten around to it. But unless you’re as tech-savvy as he, you’ll have no way of knowing that, and will instead likely nod your head and say, “Well… please get it done as quickly as possible,” then return to your business.

Increasing Profitability While Conserving Resources

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