Upgrade to VoIP with IT Services in Atlanta

Advantages of VoIP Solutions

IT services providers in Atlanta can help you upgrade to VoIP, and that means having access to things like:

  • Emergence of 5G tech
  • Tech with built-in security investment
  • Skyrocketing utility: VoIP predicted to surpass 1 billion users in 2017
  • VoIP reduces internet strain
  • Competitive integration

As the IoT (Internet of Things) becomes more prominent and technological advancement predicates increased internet connectivity, streamlining cost-effective solutions will naturally become more necessary. VoIP is part of that streamlined upgrade.

5G Emergence

With any new technology, the implementation must first go through service providers before it can trickle down to buyers. This means though 5G tech is possible today, users won’t start seeing those speeds for a few years at least. Still, since VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, you’re going to have increased speeds for services like telecommuting. Offices aren’t as likely to see much of a change in-house, but the propensity for technological utility beyond the office increases substantially with such tech. Businesses with VoIP will already have a consolidated solution in place to utilize these new internet speeds.

Built-In Security Investment

It’s true that cloud computing technology and implementation of solutions like IoT naturally have vulnerabilities when it comes to hacking. As a result, providers of IT services in Atlanta that roll out VoIP solutions have an increased concentration on security. They have to. If they’re not proactive about it, clients will be compromised. This means it becomes understood that the security of VoIP solutions is squarely on the provider. Granted, they’ll help clients unveil and utilize proper protocols, advising them of the needs involved, but then again, the obligation is clearly on them to ensure their service is properly secure. Therefore, they’re continually working to beef-up and solidify service provision reliability.

Over 1/8th Of The Population Using Mobile VoIP in 2017

According to TheNextWeb.com, mobile VoIP users will surpass 1 billion in 2017. The current US population is about 7.5 billion people; that means more than 12.5 percent of the world population will use options like Skype or other mobile VoIP solutions. If you want to get technical, it’ll likely be 13.33 percent by the end of the year.

Internet Strain Reduction

As IoT and the cloud become increasingly necessary to retain competitive ability, there will be increased strain on internet usage. In order to reduce that strain, streamlined modes of using the ‘net will be fundamentally necessary. VoIP helps do this by the very nature of its service while simultaneously remaining cost-effective and enabling a multitude of telecommuting options which assist internal infrastructure needs, as well as external contact proclivities. Perfect example: a call-center full of tech people can actually send techs to individuals in differing cities while consolidating them to a core organization via VoIP. This isn’t the regular model — yet. But it’s one potentiality VoIP could make a reality.

Competitive Integration

With so many necessary utilities provided through the internet, refraining from the upgrade will decrease competitiveness in an increasing ratio over time. Getting aboard with these options sooner is advisable.

Capitalizing on VoIP

IT services in Atlanta through MIS Solutions, Inc. can provide cost-effective VoIP to help streamline your operations. Contact us for VoIP solutions that are top-tier, among a bevy of other cutting-edge IT services solutions.

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