IT Services Atlanta Business Advice: Have You Had a Fierce Conversation With Your Employees?

Esoteric Realities

If you’re a business owner in need of IT services in Atlanta, you’ve probably considered directly hiring someone for these matters. However, when it comes to IT, you’re going to have a lot of experiences where what’s expected and what’s delivered isn’t necessarily as you require. One reason for this is because specialists are rare and hard to come by. So, when you hire one for a specific task, you may suddenly find they can’t do that which you hired them for, even though they made themselves out to be the local expert.

Then you’ve got the whole bureaucratic legal landscape to deal with. You can’t just fire somebody, especially if it turns out they’re technically “qualified” among other distinctions in their field for the task at hand. You’ve got to drum up a reason, especially in some states where unemployment is a legal necessity unless liquidation cause is openly demonstrable.

So many businesses start micromanaging. Was the employee ever late? Have they called in sick too often? The idea is to fire them for a reason that can be demonstrated on paper because it’s impossible to prove the employee wasn’t working as intended otherwise. Accordingly, many fierce conversations ensue.

Avoiding Sub-Par Employees

Then there’s the other side of that coin. Sometimes you hire an employee for the right reasons, but it turns out they’re lazy. Maybe they performed excellently at first, but then their service delivery gradually diminished over time. This is an additional irritant, and even worse than if they were hired for that which they couldn’t do from the get-go. For these and other reasons, you’re going to naturally have a lot of fierce conversations with your personnel. But there’s another way:

Prerequisite Qualifications

Monitor services delivered and have a table of expected service delivery benchmarks that must regularly be attained and are clearly defined before hiring employees. Watch how hired individuals work and ensure that they’re delivering the kind of value to your company that you hired them for. This is an approach that works not just for technology employees, but for everyone in your organization. When things are rough, instead of having some fierce conversation about sick days or calling in late, catch the problem and nip it in the bud. Tell your employees that their performance is here, but it needs to be there, and then push them on to their greatest service delivery gently — professionally, but firmly. In such a way, you can be transparent and everybody wins. Employees who don’t do the job you hired them for aren’t worth wasting money on. You’re well within professional standards to liquidate them if performance isn’t where it should be.

Sourcing Solutions

For these reasons among many others, sometimes it’s best to outsource IT services in Atlanta with a group that has made it their professional business to consistently deliver a high standard in technology solutions. When it comes to IT, you’re looking for:

  • Backup and Data Recovery
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Hardware Services
  • Software Services

…and more. At MIS Solutions Inc., we offer IT services in Atlanta that are cost-effective, save time, save money, and consistently deliver the IT solutions you need. Contact us for service you can continuously depend on, and avoid future fierce conversations.

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