Is Your Current Managed IT Services Provider in Atlanta Pretending to Be Like the Wizard of Oz?

A Great Website Doesn’t Denote Great Service

Managed IT services in Atlanta should be good, but sometimes, they may not be. There’s a saying about plumbers which explains this reality. A plumber will try to get into every house once, but he might not be back twice. What that means is certain individuals go about collecting initial service fees, then find excuses to fail in actual delivery of services. The plumber says: “Yep, that sump pump’s ruined — you need a new one. How disgusting. Least a day’s work. I’ll come back with tools. Tuesday good?” Tuesday comes, that plumber’s nowhere to be found, and he’s got an airtight excuse. “I’m sorry I can’t make it, my kid broke his arm,” or “the plumbing truck had the transmission go out and it’s in the shop. How about Tuesday after next?”

The Wrong Kind of Artist

Eventually, you realize the plumber is an artist of excuses. You’ll have a similar situation when it pertains to IT, though it will be configured to the technology market. The professional will assess the problem, give a prospective solution, then balk and give excuses. Their website promises all these big, beautiful things, but when it comes to the point where the rubber meets the road, IT tires go flat. It’s like the Wizard of Oz. Many managed IT services in Atlanta boast all these great things as though they’re some profound magician infused with emerald smoke, but it turns out that smoke is just being blown to impress clients. They’re putting on airs about their company, and it turns out said company isn’t a crack squad of savvy and motivated technology professionals — it’s just one guy who really understands how to design a website such that it looks cutting-edge and professional. And this guy is hiding behind some virtual office that boasts so hard you figure he’s got to be legitimate — he’s a false wizard.

That’s when the other shoe drops. It turns out he can’t deliver on all his promises, and you’re out the initial consultation fee, but no closer to solutions. You’ve got to avoid that kind of thing, and there are several ways you can:

  • Plans
  • Tours
  • Testimonies

Plan Ahead

First, nip this in the bud by buying clippers. You can’t nip anything in the bud if you don’t have clippers! Sure, you can rip the whole plant out with your hands and cut your palms on the thorns, but what good is that? Get an IT services group in your back pocket before any difficulties arise.

Tour their Offices

Take an excursion to where they conduct their business and see if everything is up to snuff. See that there are multiple technicians available… and many clients, too.

Search for Testimonies

If you can find client testimonies, that will go a long way to proving that a given services solution is requisite to your needs.


At MIS Solutions Inc., we offer managed IT services in Atlanta, including service provisions for virtually any kind of technology application. We’ve got extensive professional personnel available for client needs, and a bevy of success stories buffing up our solutions. Contact us for services you can rely on, and never worry about having a man behind the curtain. We are the real deal.

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