Does Your IT Support Provider in Atlanta Use Shere Khan’s Tactics to Initiate Change?

You’ll Catch More Flies with Honey

IT support in Atlanta often reflects this saying. Not to say you as a business are a fly, but the idea is that if you’re looking to accomplish a certain goal which requires attraction, you’re more likely to do it sweetly and subtly than overtly and angrily. It’s the difference between ruling a country with fear, and with love.

Think about Shere Khan of The Jungle Book. Rudyard Kipling’s classic tale (for which the author actually penned a sequel) has spawned a number of big-budget films, at least three of which have been produced by Disney. In all of them, the character of Shere Khan plays a rather integral role. This aggressive tiger is the king of the jungle, and he rules with absolute terror. Even elephants, who could conceivably stomp that angry cat like a bug, are afraid of him in the books and films. Khan forces the varying jungle groups to adhere to a system of Jungle law which encourages adherence to a given clutch of peers in a way that to some degree reflects the Freemasonry known to be integral to Kipling’s life — just consider the poem about “Jungle Law.”

Of Shere Khan and Mowgli

Now unfortunately, your solutions for IT support in Atlanta may very well be of the Shere Khan variety. Instead of unifying animals together as Mowgli did, they rule through fear and intimidation. Well, not rule — they’ll try and force you into buying something you may or may not need. Perhaps you do need to upgrade your systems, but doing so at a certain juncture during production will actually end up hurting your business. But the IT solution you’ve chosen keeps harping on you, trying to get you to shell out big bucks for necessary upgrades. Sure, you do need them eventually, but why is such-and-such IT agency focusing so hard on this issue? Well, for the same reason a tiger chases another animal: that tiger’s hungry, and needs to eat. Your business is financial food for the IT tiger you’re working with, and they’re growling with hunger.

You need an MSP provider that’s patient, satiated, and willing to educate clients about necessary changes, just like Mowgli the man brought peace to the animals through unity rather than terror. Don’t be forced, be romanced.

Consolidated Services

There are some services an MSP can bring which make it so upgrades become less necessary than ever. Consider these services:

  • Backup and Data Recovery
  • VoIP
  • Managed Security
  • Proactive Support
  • 24/7 Support

All these things are more successfully facilitated through cloud computing. Additionally, they cost less, are ultimately more effective, and make continuous upgrading much simpler than in previous times.

There’s no infrastructural investment in server solutions. You don’t have to maintain them, or hire staff to do so internally. Additionally, you don’t need the hardware for an additional backup system. It’s all covered in a singular monthly rate via the cloud.

When you’re looking for unifying Mowgli IT support in Atlanta, as opposed to terrorizing Shere Khan shenanigans, you might want to contact us at MIS Solutions. We offer top-tier, cost-effective services that educate and “romance” clients into better solutions rather than flushing them through the underbrush with roars of prospective failure.

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