Has Your IT Services Provider in Atlanta Offered Education Through Lunch and Learns?

One of the best things your IT services provider in Atlanta can do to make your relationship and communication stronger is to hold regular lunch and learns. Though you may be happy with the service they provide and benefit from their good customer service and knowledge of technology, a lunch and learn just provides a different setting to take that relationship even further. Here are some of the reasons why your IT provider should consider holding lunch and learns if they don’t already:

Lunch ‘N Learns Establish Expertise

All business owners want to know they’re working with experts, especially when it comes to their technology. Even though your IT services provider in Atlanta may be showing their expertise every day by the work they perform, you may never get to see it in action. When your provider holds regular lunch and learns, it’s a chance for you and your team to hear in person what they’ve been doing and to ask questions about the support they provide you. This can give you peace of mind that you’re truly working with the best and give your team a chance to see who they’re working with.

Lunch ‘N Learns Provide Value

Lunch and learns aren’t just a place to meet and greet your IT team — they’re also a place to learn. Though your IT provider is hopefully putting in place the most up-to-date and secure systems available, it’s still helpful to gain personal knowledge of what’s going on in the technology world. Topics such as cybersecurity, cutting-edge technology that will soon be available to businesses, or how to best train your team on new tech provide excellent learning opportunities for you and your employees. It’s likely that you’re paying your IT provider well to take care of your systems. When they go the extra mile to provide the education and customer service that are the highlights of a lunch n’ learn, you’ll know that your money is being well-spent.

Lunch and Learns Help Strengthen Your Relationship

If they’re doing their jobs effectively, you may rarely see your IT service team in person. It can be easy to start to take them for granted and lose the strong relationship that you formed with them in the beginning. When they provide regular lunch and learns for you to attend, you can get to know the people behind the tech, and use the opportunity to ask questions, network and build on your relationship. This is also a good opportunity to introduce key employees to your IT team, especially if they didn’t meet them in the beginning and rarely get a chance to talk with them.

By providing regular lunch-and-learn opportunities, your IT services provider in Atlanta can establish themselves as experts, keep you up-to-date on all the new technology that might affect your business, and give you chances to further strengthen your working relationship. Is your team offering the many benefits that go with lunch and learns? If not, it may be time to look elsewhere. Ally with us at MIS Solutions today! If you’d like to know more about our company or have any technology-related questions, feel free to contact us.

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