Does Your Managed IT Services Provider in Atlanta Act as Your CIO at Board Meetings?

An Expert on the Inside

Managed IT services providers in Atlanta ought to incorporate the expertise of professional advisement — believe it or not, there are some that don’t. Sometimes, IT service providers have ulterior motives, coloring their service provision, which aren’t made apparent. For example, they’ll offer vendor management, but there’s an angle behind the offer. They’ve got solutions they can charge you for, and they’re trying to put themselves in line as your vendor. It’s a run-of-the-mill tactic, and its value is exceptionally small for potential costs that are ultimately involved.

The CIO Component

In contrast, a virtual CIO goes beyond simple vendor management. Not all managed IT services providers in Atlanta are going to offer the advantage of a virtual CIO, but those who do are operating on a higher plane than conventional service provision companies. The level of trust you must necessarily put in makes it such that they’re likely to spend a great deal of time with you in anything, from a general consultation capacity to meeting sit-ins. Such officer is like your digital bodyguard, always with you as you make any decisions related to IT. They help advise you as to the most cost-effective acquisitions and programs. Specializations include, but aren’t limited to:

• Advice and Counseling
• Large Hardware Purchases
• Large Software Purchases
• Upgrading
• Acquisition of hardware
• Acquisition of Software

In brief, all which pertains to IT is covered under the consulting penumbra of such a managed services CIO. It’s like with your IT package: you get an additional team-member that you don’t have to put on the payroll.

Maximizing Your Innovations

When you’ve got a CIO at board meetings, you can get the latest industry information pertaining to cutting-edge technological solutions as you need them. Especially in reference to the cloud, this will ultimately prove extremely useful. From data processing to storage, backup, and continuity, to Big Data and the varying applications which accompany this quantum leap in technological possibility, there are a lot of angles to cloud computing which could save your business money. Likewise, there are applications which you may end up buying, but which may be of no true benefit to you. A CIO can help you derive the greatest ROI as your operations move forward. Some machines represent excellent investments, and sometimes it’s better to allow the machine to be managed by another organization and accessible to you. Your specific needs determine which is a better solution for your operations, and those will differ per organization. The only way for you to get the kind of information you need is to work with an industry professional of the CIO variety internally.

Remaining Competitive

Technological proficiency is necessary to retain a competitive edge and maximum advantage in today’s shifting economic climate. The economy is on the rise, and there are many estimates pointing to a profitable 2017. If history continues as it has been, that trend will peak out and enter a downward trend again. You want to prepare for this proactively by purchasing the correct solutions when the time is right and ensuring you make an informed decision.

At MIS Solutions, Inc., we offer managed IT services in Atlanta that include an on-site CIO to help advise you with any IT needs pertaining to your business. Contact us for cost-effective competitive advantage.

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