Is Your IT Support Provider in Marietta a Green Business?

Purple Can’t Be Green

Green has many shades, but you can’t call a vivid purple an emerald color just because the purple won’t accept what it is! If you write the word “green” in purple letters, it doesn’t mean the color matches the text. Parsing between what is said, and what is done, can sometimes be difficult. IT support in Marietta will either have operational protocols that are conducive to the environment, or it won’t.

There’s really no middle ground. But it can be difficult to tell because it has become politically trendy for businesses to let on as though they are environmentally friendly, when in reality they are not. Following are several ways to tell whether or not a business is actually environmentally friendly, or if it’s just taking PR steps to maintain its public persona.

Proactive Steps As Opposed To Reactive Steps

Many big-ticket organizations let on to be green because they’ve taken reductive measures into their operational protocols. A great example pertains to the break room. In the break rooms of many big-ticket organizations are things like coffee cups, plastic lids for those cups, napkins, coffee filters, plastic straws, plastic eating utensils, styrofoam plates, and other similar items.

Certain businesses have quit providing such utensils for employees under the guise of going “green”. They’ll publish a press release that says something to the effect of: “Such and such company takes measures to protect the environment by reducing its carbon footprint through reduction measures.” In reality, they don’t change their methods of waste disposal. They don’t quit throwing away that which can be recycled, or anything. All they do is quit spending money on break room utensils, forcing employees to bring their own.

This actually saves the company money while doing so little to help the environment, it’s a measure that might as well have not been taken. Only, it was taken, because doing this was a brilliant way to preserve the cleanliness of break rooms, have positive PR, and save money by cheating employees out of basic necessities. Many big ticket organizations are resoundingly guilty of such tactics. They are essentially writing the word “green” in purple letters and saying they’ve changed their color.

In contrast, a proactive “green” measure would be recycling hardware and hardware components rather than just pitching out leftover junk. IT support in Marietta that knows how to dismantle old technology systems and apply them to new uses will save many materials, and put themselves at a distinct advantage. Sometimes ancient systems actually have some use with clients. Oftentimes the components used in those systems may not be components which can be sourced any other way.

Finding IT Solutions That Are More Likely To Be Green

IT firms with a green ideology are going to be on the cutting edge of computational development. They’ll aim to provide top-tier services while reducing the need for abstruse quotients of hardware.

A Green IT Solution

IT support in Marietta through MIS Solutions Inc. is green in every sense of the word. We at MIS recycle old components and work to create a cleaner Earth. Contact us for progressive green solutions.  

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