Should You Adopt the Cloud from Just Any Old IT Support Provider in Atlanta?

If you’re thinking of moving to the cloud, find out if your IT support in Atlanta is prepared for questions about it. Don’t let them talk you into cloud solutions that sound confusing. Make sure you select a cloud provider that’s more than a reseller and is based on a high-quality data center with a 24/7 help desk. Here are deeper details on how to evaluate a cloud provider in Atlanta.

Passion for Technology

No matter which firm you choose for your IT support in Atlanta, it should be a company that emphasizes passion for technology. The cloud has become a haven for a wide range of business solutions, so your computer consultant should be someone who can answer many questions about cloud computing. They should be able to give you a clear picture on how much money you can save by replacing certain old office equipment with automated cloud services.

Your consultant should care enough about your business to want to help it grow and get to the next level. A helpful consultant is one that can guide you toward a more efficient operation. They should also have such a passion for technology that they keep up with new developments so that they know what to recommend for better business efficiency.

Knowledge About Cloud Services

Cloud services are designed to cut clutter from workflow and to enhance productivity. It involves paying monthly subscription fees for specific software, rather than purchasing multiple licenses for each computer that accesses the software. This system allows you to experiment with trial software and make better decisions on building the ideal set of tools for your business.

Free from Hardware

Operating in the cloud will set your business free of hardware. No longer will you have to worry about maintenance or downtime involving local architecture. You won’t have to pay upfront costs for expensive hardware that needs to be replaced every five years. You’ll also avoid worrying about the latest security software upgrades because that will be taken care of by the cloud provider as well.
Your cloud provider will handle your data backups and will already have a backup plan in place if the there’s ever a power outage. A backup generator will kick in instantly, preventing your company from experiencing downtime. Even if there’s data loss on the primary server, the data will be preserved on backup servers.

Savings Drive Businesses to the Cloud

The biggest factor that’s causing many businesses to migrate to the cloud is that it preserves the company’s bottom line. Make sure your choice of cloud services leads to cost cutting, as not all IT providers offer reasonable rates. The cloud can help replace printers, fax machines and other office equipment. You can even eliminate your land line telephone service and replace it with VoIP, which can drastically lower long distance phone bills.


Certain businesses can use the cloud to cut costs on both office space and energy. Using the cloud gives you tools to create a 24/7 business that can always interact with your customers. To upgrade your IT support in Atlanta, contact MIS Solutions, Inc. and learn how we can help guide your business to more productivity in the cloud.

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