Meet Rocky Coggins, December’s Pet of the Month

Heather Coggins of the City of Dacula nominated her beloved pug, Rocky, for our Pet of the Month contest. Rocky is a 10-year-old pug that Heather and her family rescued eight years ago. Here is an excerpt from the nomination letter she sent to us. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did:

He enjoys taking short walks and long naps. Oh and he is a great lover of beer. I, of course, only let him have a little at social gatherings or special events. One time he did a keg stand, but he was very young, and I promised him I would never show those pictures to anyone

Rocky loves to have his picture taken. Even though now, with his eyesight failing, he somehow knows when the cameras are out. While taking pictures of the kids or decorations, he manages to sneak into the picture and photobomb everyone. I don’t know how he does it.

Rocky is the best when any of us are sick or hurt, he will stay right with us to make sure we are okay. He will not leave our side. If we are in bed 12 hours, he is in bed 12 hours. He’s like our little guardian angel.

Since Rocky was a rescue, he was very traumatized when I got him, so the first night, he stayed up all night, even at 2 years old, it was like I had another baby. I thought, I just simply could not handle it. The vet tried him on antidepressants, nerve pills, etc. to try to calm him. Finally, one day he just accepted that we loved him and we were not going to abandon him. So he’s been with us ever since. He came off all the meds and settled into his routine of extreme laziness, which works for me. I then gave him a nickname, Mr. Wiggles, because when he hears my voice, his whole body wiggles with excitement.

I love Game of Thrones, so I naturally introduced Rocky to the show. Then Rocky started to emotionally identify as a direwolf. Although he does not have the speed, strength or stamina of a direwolf, regular wolf, or Boston Terrier for that matter, I would certainly never crush his dream of one day running with Nymeria’s pack.

As December’s Pet of the Month, Rocky won a goody basket with more than $40 in treats and toys from Pooch N Paws Boutique and Bakery in Suwanee.

Learn how you can win a fabulous gift basket for your pet.

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