Have You Considered the Risk of An IT Support Breach in Alpharetta?

Breaches are a Risk

IT support in Alpharetta should definitely take into account the possibility of a security breach. The fact is, there’s big money in computer viruses these days — just consider ransomware. If you’re not familiar with ransomware, basically, it’s a kind of computer virus that locks you out of your files unless you pay a fee. Some ransomware even comes with a “timer” that’ll completely erase your files if the fee is not paid by the time the clock stops counting down.

Now, getting past ransomware is fairly straightforward: you need a regular system of backup. Data recovery through a backup protocol that’s applied on a daily basis will allow you to simply initialize your computer and reboot it, should ransomware hold your files hostage. Of course, another way to avoid ransomware is to refrain from downloading any questionable files. This can be difficult, as certain sites have ransomware downloads which will automatically send themselves to your hard-drive.

It usually works like this: you click on an “X” to close a pop-up window, and that “X” is actually tied to the “download file” command on the pop-up page. The only way to avoid getting the malware on your computer at that point is to either close the window with a keyboard command or quit the internet — oftentimes, even this isn’t enough.

Usually, malware will download itself clandestinely onto computer systems in a way which goes without notice until the negative aspects of the malware manifest themselves. To compound the issue, there are also multiple kinds of malware. Known types include:

  • Adware (which throws ubiquitous unwanted advertisements at users and can crash computers)
  • Bots (which control your computer “on the sly” for third-party hacking purposes)
  • Ransomware
  • Rootkits (which remotely control an infected computer)
  • Spyware (this malware monitors activity so a third party can watch you)
  • Trojan Horse (this is a program that looks legitimate, but hides a nefarious ulterior motive)
  • The Common Virus (malware which copies itself and spreads to other computers)
  • Worms (these clog up bandwidth and crash systems)

IT support in Alpharettashould take a directed, proactive approach to combatting malware. It’s going to come in many forms, and even the most ardent security measures can’t account for human error. The right kind of IT support will include things like anti-virus software and proactive support. The latter can monitor systems for signs of malicious software which users may not notice immediately and halt disruptions before they entirely compromise a given system.

The Reality

When it comes to security breaches from malware, the question usually isn’t “if,” it’s usually “when.” What you need is an IT support service that has cohesive, trustworthy backup and data recovery options that continuously ensure systems are safe from compromise. With cloud computing options, business continuity solutions can make it so that even the worst malware fallout doesn’t halt provided services; it only may impede them for a short period of time.  IT support in Alpharetta that’s worth its salt will have business continuity options bolstered by cloud computing solutions.

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