What to Expect From MIS Solutions Computer Repair Alpharetta GA

When you need computer repair Alpharetta GA residents will find that MIS Solutions is committed to providing quality services for computer problems, networking services and IT consultations. Before scheduling a service call, it is important to understand exactly what our company offers so that you can easily budget for repair or maintenance needs.

What is the cost for computer repair Alpharetta GA?
Before beginning repair or service work, we offer a few services that set our company apart from others you might have used in the past. Our prospective clients receive 2 hours of computer support free. During this call we will fix your problem or give you advice with a no obligation quote on how we would resolve the issue. When repair is needed our clients receive a written quote with a flat or fixed rate for repairs or service programs. Our quote will also include expected completion times and final estimate of cost.

What is the expected completion time for services?
MIS Solutions offers our clients a total project estimate of both time and cost involved. We also respond to emergencies within an hour or less. We want you to feel comfortable that our services meet your budget within your busy schedule and needs.

Are there any extra or hidden charges?
Because all of our clients receive a written estimate, there are no surprise bills after computer repair or servicing. We do not operate on an hourly basis like other computer repair companies so you can rest assured that we will meet all projects on budget and on time.

Does your company offer a service guarantee?
Because we take the time to completely understand our clients, their businesses and needs, we deliver services that are actually required. Our recommendations come from years of expertise, and we stand by our service with 100% satisfaction guarantee.